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In the coming weeks I will be finding opportunities to do anonymous staff interviews. A huge part of being a summer staffer is making sure that there is no selfish motive behind the work that you do. So whether you are cleaning bathrooms or leading archery tag, everything should be done from a servant’s heart. I think it’s important to hear the perspectives of those who achieve that goal well.

Kris Billiter

Kris Billiter is no stranger to Crossings. He brought students to Crossings in its first year of existence. He also worked here for multiple years. He met his wife at Crossings. His father in law played a major role in starting Crossings. However, Kris’ understanding of Crossings isn’t necessarily what makes him such a great camp pastor, what makes him great is his understanding of the role. He said more than once throughout the week, “My title is camp pastor, not camp preacher.” He takes his position as one that not only speaks during worship, but his also spends his day hanging out at the lake blobbing students, going to POIs that students participate in, and even serving in the kitchen alongside the staff. Kris is an incredible example of servant leadership.


Quote of the Week

“Worship is life.”

Sermon Highlight