Minivan Moments: A Family Podcast

The Minivan Moments Family Podcast was designed with both parents and teenagers in mind. When we surveyed the current state of families, there was one thing we kept noticing and that was the family was no longer communicating the way that it had in the past. Parents and their children have become content in being [...]

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Philosophy of Ministry: Ephesians 4:11-14

By Scott Ardavanis The DNA of my early years of ministry was Ephesians 4:11–16. It became part of me. The goals for turning men into ministers • To promote a biblical theology of equipping the saints for the glory of God. • To encourage others to have an equipping ministry in their local church. • [...]

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Protecting Children from Abuse: An Interview

Originally published on Challies blog on August 16, 2017, by Tim Challies. It happens. We wish it didn’t happen and perhaps even try to pretend it doesn’t happen. But the tragic and undeniable reality is that there is abuse within the church. I recently spoke with Boz Tchividjian to ask some key questions for every Christian [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Come To Harvest Festival

The leaves are changing, the fields have turned to gold, we finally got some cooler weather (sort of), and our Harvest Festivals are right around the corner — there’s no doubt that it is fall here in the beautiful state of Kentucky! In celebration, we have 5 thrilling reasons for why you, your friends and family, and your [...]

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Philosophy of Youth
Ministry: Part 1

By Jeff Dalrymple I was privileged to be raised in a Christian home. I didn’t personally become a born-again Christian until the age of 19, but my childhood experiences of growing up in the church had a profound influence on my life. Attending Sunday School, AWANA, Wednesday evening services, and youth group events impacted in [...]

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What Is A Youth Pastor? Expositor, Qualified, Resource, Discipler

By: Adam Tyson What is a Youth Pastor? Where do you find the position of a youth pastor in the Bible? You don’t. For that matter, where do you find an associate pastor, worship pastor, or children’s pastor in the Bible? You won’t find those descriptions in the Bible either. So are we justified biblically [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 3)

  A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 3) “If you don’t worship God in your home, then you will raise your children to be hypocrites.” These words were spoken to me by Chris Peeler, the pastor who married my wife and me. He made it clear that Christianity must be a part [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner with Parents (Part 2)

A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 2) My Dad owns a landscaping company. For as long as I can remember, I went to work with him and learned the family business. It began with pulling weeds and picking up sticks, then I learned to push mow, then run the weed eater and [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 1)

Mrs. Jordan said, “Eat your eggs and memorize your Bible verse.” I was a twenty-year-old-kid living in the home of a godly couple for a month while I took a summer-intensive course in college. My life was pretty simple. I woke up, ate breakfast while memorizing Bible verses (because she made me), went to class [...]

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