Do You Want To Make The Most of Your Kid’s Summer?


What to Expect

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    Who is Crossings Day Camps for?

    Crossings Day Camps is for entering 1st graders through entering 6th graders.

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    What is the cost?

    The cost of 2019 Crossings Day Camps is $135. There is a $5 deposit upon registration.

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    Will my child be safe?

    Staff background check and a safe secure location tucked in Windy Hills and Jeffersontown.

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    How do we build relationships?

    Staff is trained to build safe relationships that lead to Gospel opportunities.

Daily Schedule

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    Bright and early we have morning celebration, a gospel-infused time of worship and fun to wake your kids up and center the day on Jesus.

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    Next, it’s out the door for the first POI rotation of the day. Campers are able to select POIs to participate in like outdoor games, basketball, and arts and crafts.

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    Of course, lunch. Bring your own! You know what you like (and can’t eat) better than we do.

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    Midday, we focus on the heart with Bible lessons and small group discussion times. We want to plant seeds to help grow your kids into followers of Jesus.

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    After that, MORE POI rotations.

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    Then, we end the day how it began, with a celebration focused on worshipping Jesus and having fun.


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Science Experiments

Do you have what it takes Einstein? Let’s learn and grow together!


So, you think you got skills? Bring your “A” game out to the court, you may learn a little too!

Arts and Crafts

Are you creative? You will be able to create a project that will remind you of your camp experience.

Secret Ops

Jedi training, clown school, underground dance team, who knows. This POI is for service done covertly.

Outdoor Games

Compete against your friends and leave with the bragging rights!

Fast Food

We’ll have food to keep you fueled! This POI fast paced cooking using microwaves and microwave ovens.

Have Questions?

Call Us at 502-491-7000 or email our Day Camp Director at