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Crossings Kids Camp

Crossings for Kids is a fast-paced, Christ-centered, kid-friendly camp for elementary children! Crossings provides exciting activities and outdoor adventures for all types of kids. At the heart of it all is our passion for building relationships with your children to help them cross over from death to life and more fully experience Christ. We guarantee they will get messy, loud, and crazy. But, most importantly, kids will experience Christ in a way they can understand!

We have developed programming with kids in mind.


Bible Study

Our kids camp Bible Study is geared more towards younger students. We still preach the Gospel, but it is in a way that the younger audience can better understand.


Points of Impact

Activities for all kids both indoor and outdoor activities, that are kid centered.



The safety of students and guests is our top priority. Whether it is our facilities, camp activities, or staff training, you can rest assured that we have designed camp to be fun and safe!

Dates for

2017 Camps

DatesLocationCamp PastorStarting AtRegister
July 19-22, 2017Jonathan Creek $306Register now!
July 23-26, 2017Jonathan Creek $306Register now!
July 26-29, 2017Jonathan Creek $306Register now!
July 30-August 2, 2017Jonathan Creek $306Register now!
July 20-23, 2017Cedarmore $306Register now!
July 24-27, 2017Cedarmore $306Register now!
July 27-30, 2017Cedarmore $306Register now!

You’ve Got Questions

We’ve Got Answers

Registration FAQs

You can request more information by logging onto your Group Leader Account, emailing, or calling us at 502-491-7000. 

High School/Middle School camps are for students entering 7th grade-High School graduates.

Kids camps are for students entering 3rd grade-6th grade.

In order to facilitate discipleship between students and adults that will help your students’ life-changing experiences extend beyond camp, we ask that you bring at least one adult for every five students of the same gender. We also do this to make sure that you have enough male and female adults to provide adequate supervision in the rooms at night and during free time.
We do not have accommodations for parents to bring children who are too young or too old to register as students. Because of the nature of camp and the busy schedule, it would be impossible for an adult leader to provide appropriate supervision for their child(ren) and their group’s students.
Registration/Check in for camp is 2-4pm (except for Camp40 which is 4-5pm). PLEASE BE ON TIME. Please note that Jonathan Creek is in the Central Time Zone and Cedarmore is in the Eastern Time Zone, so plan accordingly. This will be a time to meet the staff, mix with other churches, and preview the direction of the week!
Due to frequent last minute changes in gender ratios and group numbers, housing arrangements may change up until groups arrive. If you need to know your group’s housing set up, you can call our office the Friday before camp and we will usually be able to let you know what to expect.

Financial FAQs

Both the $500 group deposit and $75 per person deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the final balance. The final balance is due 14 days prior to the arrival date of your group. Once that 14 day date passes, the money is non-refundable. If the amount is paid before the deadline and the student drops before the deadline, we will refund the amount paid (minus the deposits) to the church, not individuals. The church may then give the refund to the individual at their discretion. If a group cancels altogether, the $500 group deposit and $75 per person deposit are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
We encourage group leaders to plan ahead so that necessary meetings occur before the deadlines. If a payment is late, your group will incur any applicable late fees or rate changes. We cannot make deadline exceptions for any group.
We would love to have you and your leadership team to come and visit our property. You can call us year-round at 502-491-7000 to set up an appointment.

Adult Participation FAQs

Our philosophy at Crossings Ministries is that camp is as much for adults as it is for students. We want adults that come to camp to leave with a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Your adults can be involved in camp just like the students as room allows. Adult leaders will be free to hang out with their kids on the water, climbing activities, etc. to celebrate their students’ victories and to give encouragement. We also want to give you and your adults some time to rest. An important aspect in the ministry of Crossings is the relationships that students build with the adult leaders from their church. We encourage adults to look for opportunities to spend time with students from their church. Please be aware that adults may only participate in recreation activities AFTER all students have had the opportunity.
Your students will look for guidance from the adults that come with your church. It is important that you bring some adults that can lead your students spiritually. We suggest that you be selective. We also suggest that you have maturing Christians who can provide an example to your students. We strongly encourage you to do a background check on all adults who will be working with your students. You know each individual better than we do so we trust you in making the call. Your adult leaders should be at least 21 years old.
The camp price for adults is the same as the price that students are charged.
Because we are not a residential camp, students will be sleeping in rooms with their church’s adult leaders and not the Crossings Ministries staff. Adult leaders will also be responsible for their students during the times that are not programmed such as free time, during meals, and from lights out until morning.

General FAQs

We offer a diverse array of activities intended to serve a broad audience. These activities are planned according to the gifts and abilities of the staff we have hired. In addition to waterfront, climbing, and sport-related activities, POIs (Points of Impact) will also include drama, missions, in-depth Bible Study, games, creative ministries, arts and crafts, etc. At night after worship, we will also have a Shack area for students to hang out and play games. Every recreation activity is “challenge by choice.” Students can choose to participate in the recreation or encourage and cheer on those that are participating. Students will be encouraged, but not forced, to stretch themselves and go outside their comfort zones.
We ask that all students and adults dress modestly. For females, shorts need to be longer than fingertips when arm is extended down the side of leg. We do not allow spaghetti strap tank tops or any tops where undergarments can be seen. Swimsuits must be one piece, no exceptions. For females, shorts must be worn over swimsuits at all times, even in the water. For both males and females, shirts must be worn at all times when walking to and from the lake/pool.
Yes, anyone who participates in our water activities or steps onto the dock must wear a fully buckled life jacket.
There are no laundry facilities available for general use on campus.
We will not have a camp nurse. Anything more than cuts and bruises will be taken care of at the local clinic or hospital. We cannot distribute medication for headaches, indigestion, allergies, or other ailments, so we recommend bringing a pack with those items for your group. We do have simple first aid supplies. We will have a map with directions to the area hospitals, local pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. available to you.
Yes, you may store refrigerated medicine in our kitchen. However, someone with your group must be responsible for dispensing the medication. Crossings Ministries will not be responsible for dispensing any medication.
There are phones available for your use if you need to make an emergency call. Ask a Program Director for more information.
If you have a student with food allergies, please let us know as soon as possible before camp and we will do everything we can to accommodate that and to keep our kitchen staff aware of the student’s needs.
No, Crossings is an all-inclusive camp and all of the activities that your students may want to participate in are already included in the price.
There will be a concession stand/camp store (called “The Shack”) open at times during camp where students can purchase drinks, snacks, hot food items, and frozen items. There will also be Crossings merchandise available for purchase such as t-shirts, stickers, and highlight DVDs.
You will leave between 10:30 and 11:00 AM on the last day of camp.
Students can expect to experience a time of Bible study and small-group discussion, fun POIs (the activities that each student chooses before camp), and worship at night. There will also be time to hang out and get to know one another, delicious meals, and time to spend alone in prayer and Bible reading.

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