The Necessity of Apologetics: A Plan to Implement

By Jason Burnett So, you are convinced to teach apologetics but don’t know where to start? In my last blog I shared the necessity of incorporating apologetics into student ministry. I would like to say thank you to those who responded to that blog and for those who reached out to inquire about the next steps to [...]

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Ten Reasons to Choose a Christian College

By Jim Orrick College can be one of the most formative experiences in anyone’s life. This makes choosing the right one crucial. We at Crossings understand the important decision that is laid before families and students as they look to the future, and we want to provide you with helpful resources as you consider colleges together. [...]

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Keys to Successful Short-Term Missions Trips

By Rodney A. Is your youth ministry needing a pick-me-up? Are you looking for a way to get students excited about the Lord? You might think, “Maybe a short-term missions trip is the answer! A little time in a third world country is just what these apathetic students need to get fired up about pursuing [...]

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Testimonial from Riverview Baptist Church

This past year, Crossings donated some of our past curriculum to Bobbi Chesser and the mission team of Riverview Baptist Church of Cox Creek, Kentucky. The team traveled to a Native American Reservation in South Dakota and partnered with a local church in order to minister to the community. Here is a letter we received [...]

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The Skinny on the New Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

By: Mitch Wiley and Colton Taunton Finding the right Bible translation can be a lengthy process. Some readers are faithful to a certain version, while others shop around on a consistent basis. No matter where you find yourself on that spectrum, there is a new English translation that is worth considering. Holman Publishers has just [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 3)

  A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 3) “If you don’t worship God in your home, then you will raise your children to be hypocrites.” These words were spoken to me by Chris Peeler, the pastor who married my wife and me. He made it clear that Christianity must be a part [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner with Parents (Part 2)

A Faithful Student Ministry Must Partner With Parents (Part 2) My Dad owns a landscaping company. For as long as I can remember, I went to work with him and learned the family business. It began with pulling weeds and picking up sticks, then I learned to push mow, then run the weed eater and [...]

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Honest Evangelism & The Cost of Discipleship

  Imagine yourself standing in front of a large crowd. They are eager to hear from you. They are interested in you. What would you say? I might struggle to say anything at all. If I did speak, I would want to make sure that I did not cause offense. After all, upsetting mobs seems [...]

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A Faithful Student Ministry Must Make Disciples (part 2)

The sign read “Ephrata.” My friends and I were traveling west on I-76, heading back to school after a last-minute trip to New York City. I had brought along John MacArthur’s classic, The Gospel According to Jesus. As I read about Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus, I was struck afresh by the fact that Jesus is [...]

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