Summer 2018 JC Session 2 Update

19 Churches | 343 Campers

$4,593.17 for Haiti Missions Offering

Many times the games or activities children participate in, especially in a camp ministry, can seem insignificant and like wastes of time when real ministry is to be done. But a child-like faith is able to see past the surface and see the Gospel connections everywhere in the world God has created. Mark 10 says that we are to follow their example. Read more below

Meet Lauren Batten

Lauren was born 18 years ago in Columbus, Nebraska and moved to the great state of Kentucky when she was seven.

One of Lauren’s passions is playing the flute, which she has been playing since 5th grade. She attends Western Kentucky University where she is now on scholarship for her talents. “The flute has taken me many places, to Western Kentucky University, to Crossings to play for acoustic night, and possibly a future career in teaching band.” Lauren wants to be a middle school band teacher so that she can be there to help students begin on their instrument and really grow to love it.

A four-year Crossings camper herself, Lauren has wanted to be a staffer for a long time. “This summer so far has been such an awesome experience, the dynamic here is incredible. From the friendships to the mutual encouragement in searching for the Lord, there is no other place like it.”

Lauren blesses Crossings with her attitude and blesses her students every week with her incredible intentionality. She counts every week as a blessing and truly cherishes every moment she has with her students.

Meet Roger Palmer

Roger Palmer is a familiar face within the Crossings community. Being in ministry for 37 years, 22 of those spent in student ministry, Roger is an amazing asset to have on the Crossings team.

When he is not the camp pastor, Roger spends his time at Crossings ministering to group leaders by teaching them how to steward their home churches and how to pursue the Lord in their own lives. He and his wife also spend much of the year traveling all around the country speaking to churches and sharing their many years of experience.

Roger truly sets the example for how to passionately pursue the Lord and his Word for all of those around him. Waking up before the entire camp to exercise and memorize scripture, there is not a moment wasted in his pursuit of the Lord. From thanking the Lord for all of the blessings he has given us, to”repping” scripture verses over and over, Roger truly leads by example here at Crossings and has for many years.

Quote of the Week

“Sin in the darkness has power over you; sin in the light is powerless.”

Sermon Highlight

Wired for Worship


  • Group Leader Stories:
    • One-third of an entire youth group came to Christ
    • Hard to get through to high schoolers were broken through to for the first time in years
    • Youth group sees more unity than they ever have