Summer 2018 JC Session 4 Update

 15 Churches | 392 Students

$5324.03 for Haiti Missions Offering

Martha came to Crossings for the first time much later than the typical first-timer at Crossings. Todd came into ministry much later than the average youth minister.

Read the story of how through suffering and tragedy God called two of his children to serve, and through their faithfulness, 11 students were able to come to camp.

Meet Hannah Turner

Hannah was born in Texas 19 years ago and moved to Marshall County, Kentucky short after she was born. Hannah grew up in a loving Christian home and her dad has been disabled for as long as she can remember.

“My dad being disabled made me grow up a lot quicker than most people do, and I have learned so much from watching my mom take care of my dad.” The way that her mom is so faithful to her husband is also a great picture of the way that God is faithful in supplying us with anything we need, which has continued to lead her to Christ.

Hannah cheered competitively in high school and with this camp many trials and bumps in the road. “By the time my senior year was over, I had hit rock bottom. I knew something had to change in my life from the way I was living.” That is when Hannah went on a mission trip to Africa.

“In Africa, I was confronted with all of my sin. The spiritual warfare there was so blatant; it was not hidden in self-image or social struggles, people were either worshipping God or worshipping spirits.” It was here were Hannah was overtaken by the Spirit of God and He brought her back to Himself.

When she returned to America she decided to stop putting on a show and begin following Christ with her life. She is now at Western Kentucky University where she is the Missions Coordinator for the Baptist Campus Ministry and is now the photographer for Crossings Jonathan Creek.

Her Crossings experience so far has been one of growth and thankfulness for being surrounded by such a great group of believing friends. “I can’t wait to return to WKU with all of these new friends that are so solid in their faith.

Hannah’s artistic ability and willingness to help out in any area blesses this camp in so many ways and we are incredibly glad to have her.

Sermon Highlight

Wired for Worship


  • Group Leader Stories:
    • Clarksdale Baptist had 8 students make the decision to follow Christ
    • A student in foster care signed up last minute due to a spot opening and accepted Christ as her savior
    • Matt, who has been involved in student ministry and is going to Denver to plant a church and had a week an awesome week of fellowship with his students he is sad to leave