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2020 Cedarmore Camps

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Nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s Outer Bluegrass region, Cedarmore rests on 600 acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands that showcase the glory of God’s creation to all who visit. Cedarmore exudes real Kentucky beauty that can be seen as guests enjoy the surrounding forests, daily see wildlife, and get serenaded by the sounds of a crackling campfire under glorious starry night skies.

We exist to proclaim the Gospel and to see God transform lives, grow leaders, and partner with the church to the glory of Christ. Specifically, we want to see students and kids find true joy in an abiding relationship with their heavenly Father and Creator. We strive to do that by coming alongside the local church every summer through camp to focus on Biblical teaching, discipling relationships, and to encourage a worshipful focus in all areas of life. At Cedarmore, which is conveniently located between Louisville and Lexington, it is our prayer that your student will enjoy all of the fellowship, activities, and fun we have to offer. We promise that every student will hear the Gospel proclaimed, experience robust biblical teaching, and participate in Christ-centered worship—every single day. Our prayer is that  he or she will walk away with a lasting joy in the Lord.

High-Energy Activities


Recreation Lake

Have some fun in the sun and chill with your friends


Tango Tower

Hook in and book it through the course



Parachute Required


Zip Lines

Hang on tight while you soar over 100 feet in the air at over 40 mph!


Water Zips

Zip and flip


The Wave Maker

Show your style & skillz—Jump, bounce, flip, swing, or slide.


Archery Tag

Run, duck, take cover, and fly your way to victory while you enjoy the AC


Bazooka Ball




Your mama ain't ridin' this

Click For More


Strap on your boots


Heartsong Worship

The heart behind the songs



Hang Tight


Aqua Jump

Or just relax...



It just happens randomly


Saturn Float

Hang Ten


Gaga Ball

We all want to slap something


Bible Study

Real life change


Smash Ball

Permission to bash your friends granted



Show your moves


Science Games

Show your whiz-dom



Classic fun and warm sand


Escape Rooms

Time is ticking...



Because, why not?



The heartbeat of camp


Tiger Ball

Wait, what?



Legitimate, too



This is 'merica


Roller Coaster

Every lunch, every day



Chewbacca not provided

Comfortable Lodging

Our housing does not guarantee you will be the only group in that space. We will always separate genders but some groups will need to share bunks/rooms/floors with other groups.

Evergreen Cabins

Cedarview Cabins are all located up the hill from Williams-Wallace lodge in the central part of Cedarmore’s property. Spruce, Pine & Cedar sleep 32 each. Each cabin features two main bunk rooms and a shared bathroom.

Kids 3-Night $267 | Student 4-night $273 (per person)

Fields and Cedarview Cabins (Single-Church Housing)

These are perfect for larger groups looking to create opportunities for fellowship and staying close to one another. Each cabin features two main bunk rooms with a shared bathroom for each side, a small common area, and a front porch equipped with lounge chairs aimed to take in the real Kentucky beauty that surrounds Cedarmore. Fields sleeps 40 (20 each side) and Cedarview sleeps 44 (22 each side).

Kids 3-Night $269 | Student 4-night $275 (per person)

Boone Lodge

Boone Lodge is focused on affordability, comfort, and convenience. It is a main-point on Cedarmore’s campus, near the Dining Hall and the Worship Center. This motel-style accommodation is perfect for groups of all sizes. Each room has a private bathroom and sleeps 6-8.

Kids 3-Night $286 | Student 4-night $295 (per person)

Gleason Lodge (Single-Church Housing)

Gleason Lodge is tucked away off our main road, providing our guests with privacy and a great atmosphere. Its 9 rooms sleep 8 each, giving it a maximum capacity of 72. This single-group lodge has 9 rooms surrounding a center common area with a kitchenette. This lodge is designed around unity. Whether you are in the common area or out on the porch, Gleason offers a great opportunity for your group to fellowship and grow closer together. Each room sleeps 8 and has a private bathroom.

Kids 3-Night $296 | Student 4-night $306  (per person)

Williams-Wallace Lodge

Williams-Wallace Lodge stands in the center of campus with a maximum capacity of 148 with rooms sleeping 6-8. Each floor contains 4 or 6 bunks and a private bathroom. Each floor of the lodge also features a common room with couches, tables, and chairs as well as a kitchenette. The back deck of the lodge overlooks some of the property’s most beautiful surroundings and is a great place to gather, fellowship and take in the peaceful scenery.

Kids 3-Night $296 | Student 4-night $306  (per person)

Pastors, Dates, & Rates

Worship by Heartsong

HeartSong ministries exists to communicate the livable reality of the gospel as seen through genuine worship. HeartSong intentionally balance music, Scripture, and life stories to engage your students with the gospel.

Read more about HeartSong here: https://www.cedarville.edu/Ministries/HeartSong.aspx

Student Camp

Starting at $273 a Person-See Housing Options Above


Student Session 1 Full
June 2-6, 2020

4-Nights | Tuesday-Saturday


Student Session 2 Full
June 7-11, 2020

4-Nights | Sunday-Thursday

anthony night

Student Session 3 Full
June 11-15, 2020

4-Nights | Thursday-Monday


Student Session 4 Full
June 15-19, 2020

4-Nights | Monday-Friday

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.45.26 AM

Student Session 5 Full
June 19-23

4-Nights | Friday-Tuesday


Student Session 6 Full
June 23-27, 2020

4-Nights | Tuesday-Saturday

Kris Billiter

Student Session 7 Full
June 29-July 3

4-Nights | Monday-Friday

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.48.33 AM

Student Session 8 Full
July 3-7, 2020

4-Nights | Friday-Tuesday

Kris Billiter

Student Session 9 Full
July 7-11, 2020

4-Nights | Tuesday-Saturday


Student Session 10 Full
July 11-15, 2020

4-Nights | Saturday-Wednesday

Kids Camp

Starting at $267 a Person-See Housing Options Above


Kids Session 1 Nearly Full
July 17-20

3-Nights | Friday-Monday


Kids Session 2
July 21-24

3-Nights | Tuesday-Friday


Kids Session 3
July 24-27

3-Nights | Friday-Monday


Kids Session 4
July 27-30

3-Nights | Monday-Thursday



How many adult leaders should I bring?

An important aspect in the ministry of Crossings is the relationships that students build with the adult leaders from their church. Crossings requests one adult for every five students (gender specific) in order to facilitate discipleship between students and adults that will extend beyond camp. As your students will be looking for guidance from the adults that come with your church, it is important that you bring adults who are at least 21-years-old, maturing Christians, and can be examples to your students and lead them spiritually.

What is the camp rate and what do the accommodations look like for adult leaders?

The camp rate will be the same for both students and adults. Your adult leaders will stay in the same accommodations as their students overnight. During POIs and recreation activities, we encourage leaders to hang out with their students. They may even participate in activities after every student has had their chance.

May adult leaders bring their young children?

Our facilities do not have accommodations for parents to bring children who are too young or too old to register for that camp session.

Can I get a refund if someone from my group drops out?

The Early Bird $25 deposit is non-refundable but is transferable toward the final balance until February 28. Registration deposits after February 28 are both non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the dress code and are life jackets required?

Yes. Life jackets are required at all times. We ask that all students and adults dress modestly. For females and males, shorts need to be longer than fingertips when arm is extended down the side of leg. We do not allow spaghetti strap tank tops, any tops where undergarments can be seen, or any shirts with the sides cut out. Swimsuits must be one piece, no exceptions. For females, shorts must be worn over swimsuits at all times, even in the water. For both males and females, shirts must be worn at all times when walking to and from the lake/pool.

What about laundry, cell phone reception, and spending money?

There are no laundry facilities available on property, so bring enough clothes for your entire stay. Camp phones are available for your use if you do not have reception and need to make an emergency call. Lastly, students can purchase beverages, snacks, convenience items, books, and Crossings apparel at our Shack and General Store.

Do you have first aid? Where do we go if someone gets sick or injured?

We provide basic First Aid supplies and a First Aid Coordinator. More serious injuries can visit Frankfort, KY for medical help.

What if I have a student with food allergies?

If you have a student with food allergies, please make sure this is noted on their 2015 Crossings Medical Release Form. The staff will do everything to accommodate them and keep the kitchen staff aware of the student’s needs. Please advise your student to find a member of the kitchen staff to discuss their options during meal times. At Kids Camp, please send an Adult Leader with your student to the Food Service Director.

Does it cost extra to do the activities?

Crossings is an all-inclusive and any activity that your students, adult leaders, or you may want to participate in is already included in the registration price.

What time will my group arrive and leave camp?

Arrival times are on the first day of camp between 2:00 and 4:00 PM in 10-minute windows. You will be able to sign up for a window two weeks before camp when our hospitality staffer calls you. All student camp groups must depart by 9:00 am the last day of camp. Kids camp groups must depart by 10:30 am.

What age ranges can attend student camp ?

Student camp is for students entering 7th grade through graduated seniors.

What do I need to bring to camp?

For a list of items to bring, visit our 2019 Packing List. We expect the items will be nearly the same for the next year, but we will have an updated version on March 15th, 2019.