Are You Ready? Its Not to Late to Join the #GIVE20 Challenge!

IMG_3945 (2) (2)Over the last week, we have seen a greatly anticipated transition take place at Jonathan Creek and Cedarmore. Golf carts have once again become the main source of transportation. The lake has been adorned with inflatables. Summer staff have arrived and brought with them a contagious spirit of joy and excitement.

What is the reason for all this sudden change? Crossings 2014 is ALMOST HERE! The countdown has begun with less than two weeks until our first session of camp! But the question remains: are you ready?

Four months ago, we issued a challenge to all our groups attending Crossings 2014 – the #GIVE20 Challenge. We challenged each person to begin saving one dollar a week and to come ready this summer to give $20 toward our Beyond Effect Offering. Many of you rose up to the challenge and led your students to do the same. Because of this, we can’t wait to see how the Lord will use your offering to advance the Gospel in Haiti. So as you prepare for camp, don’t forget to pack your #GIVE20 Challenge jars!

But wait! What about those who may have missed the challenge? Don’t worry; it’s not too late to join in! At the end of each session of camp, everyone will have the opportunity to give toward this offering. So, encourage your group now to be thinking about how they can give at camp. Watch our videos to learn more about the Baptist Haiti Mission and how your money supports the work there. And most importantly, begin praying. Pray for those in Haiti who have never heard the Gospel. Pray for the work of the Baptist Haiti Mission and pray about how you will be a part of it!

To learn more about our #GIVE20 Challenge, click here!