Summer 2018 JC Session 6 Update

  25 Churches |  471 Campers

$5,592.93 for Haiti Missions Offering

Kris Billiter

Kris Billiter is a familiar face in the Crossings community. In 2000, the first year of Crossings’ existence, Kris took a group of students here as a group leader. The next summer, Kris worked the whole summer as a summer staffer where he met his wife Angie.

When Kris is here on property, he does much more than preaching on stage. Kris spends his time ministering to students in one on one conversations, ministering to adults during downtime, or creating relationships with summer staff.

A very experienced blobber, Kris also spends much of his time at Crossings launching students into the air at the Rec Lake. Every student or staff that attends Crossings during Kris’ week of camp feels like they really got to know Kris as a pastor and a friend, and for that Crossings is very grateful.


Sermon Highlight

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