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Cross Over from
Death to Life

2019 Student & Kids
Camp Locations

Students: 7th-12th Grade
Kids: 3rd-6th Grade

Central Kentucky
Camps Start
at $262 per Person
Western Kentucky
Camps Start at $262 per Person
Starts at $340 per Person

2019 Student Camp Theme

Will You Pursue the Eternal Movement?

The Christian life is a story about pursuit. Jesus faithfully pursues all of us and, in response, those who choose to trust him humbly pursue Him. Jesus’ children must also pursue others and thereby pursue the growth of Jesus’ kingdom, an eternal movement of disciples committed to King Jesus. Jesus makes radical demands. He calls us to come and die to ourselves: our agenda, our ambition, our desires, and our sin. All who do this join him, follow in his footsteps, and find true life. They find true, lasting life within an eternal movement of God’s people. He says to all, “If any man desires to be my disciple, he must deny himself and  take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 16:24-25).

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Are You a Disciple of Jesus?

When Jesus says, “Follow me,” he is saying, “Be my disciple.” Jesus’ Gospel call is not just to salvation. Through the Gospel, Jesus calls us all to pursue his way of life, to imitate his self-giving, and to proclaim his eternal movement. The pursuit of Jesus and his eternal movement pits his disciples against the culture of the world. As his disciples pursue Him and others, they invite opposition, persecution, and even rejection. Yet, following him turns everything that we think should happen upside down on its head. This is the way and the life. This is where we find that Christ is our joy, sustainer, and providerand we are transformed by him in the process. While the sacrifice is difficult, the difficulty is mingled with a sustaining hope and unwavering confidence that Jesus will return and establish his kingdom—his eternal movement.

Will You Pursue Jesus?

Will you join something bigger than yourself and join Jesus’ eternal movement? Join us at Crossings in 2019 as we look into the Gospel of Matthew, learn from the lives of Jesus’ first disciples, and study a few of Jesus’ most powerful sermons. Together, we will hear Jesus’ voice and we will obey Jesus’ invitation to follow him and be his disciples.

Daily Teaching Schedule

Day 1 — Pursue the Call to Discipleship — (Matthew 4:17-25)
Day 2 — Pursue the Character of Discipleship (Matthew 5:1-16)
Day 3 — Pursue the Cost of Discipleship (Matthew 16:24-28)
Day 4 — Pursue the Commission of Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20)
Day 5   — Pursue the Communion of Discipleship (Matthew 6:9-13)

2019 Kids Camp Theme

When King Josiah Chose Obedience

Join us in Summer 2019 as we take a crazy ride through the story of King Josiah as told in 2 Kings. Picture a time when God’s people are divided and in trouble. The Scriptures have long been neglected and the people are not living their lives for God—a time not so different from today. Then the whole scene gets flipped on its head when King Josiah rediscovers God’s book of the Law! There is much to learn from this captivating story of the young king who shows extraordinary faith, obedience, and determination to lead his life and his kingdom according to the words of Scripture. No matter your age, size, or status, God’s word must be what guides everything in life, even if the world thinks that’s a little topsy turvy!

Mock Day at Camp

Check out the Gospel-infused, Bible-filled, fun-packed, typical day at Crossings!

Mornings = Gospel + Heart Focus

Morning Cel Blue2

Morning Celebration
A high-energy time every morning that includes lots of fun, live sketches, videos, announcements, games, and music. Morning Celebration ensures your kids are awake and ready to study God’s Word.

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Bible Study
We separate middle and high school and give them in-depth exposition of God’s Word from our camp pastor followed by a staffer-led breakout time of discussion and application.

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Break Thru
After Bible study, our staffers invest in your students via games, guided conversations, and hang out time. Our staffers are trained to build relationships with your students for the purpose of Gospel transformation.

Afternoons = High-Energy Indoor + Outdoor Activities

POI Icon2

Points of Impact (POIs)
We make every moment intentional. At the end of each event, our staffers spend a few minutes discussing with students how that particular activity illustrates the Gospel.

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Lake Recreation
Our premier properties offer private recreation lakes with lifeguards present at all times. Students have the opportunity to experience water zip-lines, blobs, water slides, and more.

TAWG Blue2

During Connect, we encourage students to have personal quiet time in Bible Study and prayer. Devotional material based on the morning Bible study is provided to each student.

Connect Blue2

This is a designated time for you, the Group Leader, to connect with your students through devotions, discussions, team building activities, or simply hanging out.

Evening = Worship + Bible + Relationships

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Evening Worship
The worship service is the heartbeat of camp. During this evening gathering, we exalt Christ together in song, dig deep into the Word of God, and apply the Gospel to students’ lives. 

Fellowship Icon2

The entire camp participates in these Crossings keynote experiences. These times are highlights of every camp week that foster unity, team-building, and allow for a little camp-wide controlled chaos.

Checkpoint Blue2

We want to strengthen the relationship between students and their church leaders. This is a designated time for you to meet with your group, debrief, worship, and pray together.

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The Shack
Before lights out, the Shack opens to purchase tasty treats and refreshing beverages. This is a time for you and the staff to continue developing relationships with your students.

The Crossings Distinctives