Crossings & Rooted Ministries: A Common Vision and a Free Dinner

Humble Beginnings

Inspired by the writings of Michael Horton, Reverend Frank Limehouse had a vision for youth ministry. The book was Christless Christianity and the vision was for a youth ministry conference that focused on the message of the crucified Christ. This conference transformed into Rooted Ministries, which exists to transform student ministry by fostering grace-driven and cross-centered leaders through rich theological and contextual engagement. Rooted realized that many students involved in youth ministries were not involved in church during college years and adulthood. Through realizing this issue, Rooted established a formula to transform the statistics. The formula involved a focus on Gospel centrality, theological depth, relational discipleship, partnership with parents, and intergenerational integration. Rooted has realized the deep need to provide a sustainable faith in young people. There is a realization that young people are the future of the church and that young people need to be properly invested in.

Similar to Rooted Ministries, Crossings Ministries has the same heart for transforming lives to worship the crucified Christ. In a similar sense, Crossings comes from very similar beginnings. In a time where it felt like summer camp ministries would soon be extinct, Crossings was founded. The initial goal for the ministry in the late 1990s was to simply survive, but God saw fit for it to do so much more. In 2012, Crossings entered into a formal transition with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and was charged to become the source for training, providing resources for, and equipping youth workers throughout Kentucky Baptist Churches. The mission is clear for Crossings: that every student and child will hear the Gospel proclaimed, experience robust biblical teaching, and participate in Christ-centered worship―every single day at camp. And the prayer is to be steadfast and relentless in this pursuit, seeing students and adults impacted and transformed by Christ. This is done through biblical teaching, local church partnership discipling relationships, missional mindset, and a worshipful focus. These practices and goals are seen in every facet of Crossings’ ministry.

Shared Focus

Both ministries put an emphasis on life transformation. This genuine transformation is the power and work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s creation. The transformation that comes about through the redemption from sin is the turning point of the Christian life. More importantly, students who experience this transformation in today’s world have a deep need for someone to come alongside them and mentor them.  They need to figure out what being a follower of Christ looks like in everyday life. Helping students figure this out is at the heart of both Crossings and Rooted.

Will You Join Us For A Free Dinner?

Since we share a common philosophy and objective, Rooted and Crossings has decided to partner together at the 2017 Gospel Coalition National Conference in Indianapolis, IN. During a free dinner on Tuesday night, Cameron Cole will speak on the “Five Pillars of Youth Ministry.” You will also have the opportunity to network and fellowship with like-minded ministry workers and learn about the ways that Rooted and Crossings can partner with you in your ministry. RSVP here and bring a friend! A limited number of seats are available.