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Summer 2019 Dates Will Be Released Fall 2018

Do You Want To Make The Most of Your Kid’s Summer?

2019 Dates TBD | Forthcoming Fall 2018


What to Expect

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    Who is Crossings Day Camps for?

    Crossings Day Camps is for entering 1st graders through entering 6th graders.

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    What is the cost?

    The cost of 2019 Crossings Day Camps is TBD.

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    Will my child be safe?

    Staff background check and a safe secure location tucked in Windy Hills.

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    How do we build relationships?

    Staff is trained to build safe relationships that lead to Gospel opportunities.

Daily Schedule

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    Bright and early we have morning celebration, a gospel-infused time of worship and fun to wake your kids up and center the day on Jesus.

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    Next, it’s out the door for some high energy games and activities. Think, gaga ball, basketball, and water games.

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    Of course, lunch. Bring your own! You know what you like (and can’t eat) better than we do.

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    Midday, we focus on the heart with Bible lessons and small group discussion times. We want to plant seeds to help grow your kids into followers of Jesus.

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    After that, MORE games and fun. You know, the outdoor, teambuilding, joy-filled kind. Think, bouncy houses and slip-n-slides.

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    Then, we end the day how it began, with a celebration focused on worshipping Jesus and having fun.

Bible Curriculum

Join us in Summer 2019 as we take a crazy ride through the story of King Josiah as told in 2 Kings. Picture a time when God’s people are divided and in trouble. The Scriptures have long been neglected and the people are not living their lives for God—a time not so different from today. Then the whole scene gets flipped on its head when King Josiah rediscovers God’s book of the Law! There is much to learn from this captivating story of the young king who shows extraordinary faith, obedience, and determination to lead his life and his kingdom according to the words of Scripture. No matter your age, size, or status, God’s word must be what guides everything in life, even if the world thinks that’s a little topsy turvy!


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Everyone loves to build with Legos. Join us as we have a thousand Lego pieces. How creative can you be?


So, you think you got skills? Bring your “A” game out to the court, you may learn a little too!


Are you creative? You will be able to create a project that will remind you of your camp experience.


We’ll bust out the board games and card games for lots of fun.


Compete against your friends and leave with the bragging rights!


Come kick it for some fun in the sun! Learn a few new tips and maybe show us a few!

Have Questions?

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