Haiti Day: An Opportunity to Experience Haitian Culture at Camp

haiti day (2)During each week of camp this summer, you may notice one day is a little different than the others. Most activities will look the same, such as Bible studies, POIs, etc. However, there will be a distinct difference about this day. The reason: it’s HAITI DAY!

At meal times, the food will not be what you would normally find. Instead, you may notice an abundance of rice, beans and fruit. All drink machines will be shut off, and the only drinks available will be tea and water. Then, during worship, you will get the opportunity to hear directly from the missionaries in Haiti through Skype. Finally, the day will culminate with the chance give to an offering that will go to support the Gospel work in Haiti.

Haiti day is an opportunity for churches to get a small glimpse into the culture of the country they have been hearing about all week at camp. It is a way for individuals to become a part of the mission of Crossings to reach the least of these in Haiti and around the world.

Several years ago, Crossings began a strategic partnership with a ministry in Haiti called the Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM). Through this partnership, Crossings has come alongside the BHM in their vision to proclaim the Gospel in Haiti through church growth, discipleship and training. Two ways this takes place is through the Crossings Camp in Haiti and through Crossings led mission trips to Haiti.

Crossings currently offers two spring break and three summer mission trips. These trips are open to church groups and individuals who would like to experience firsthand the work in Haiti. During the trip, groups will take part in leading Bible studies in the villages, working on property improvements and even helping to run camp.

If you or your church would like to join one of our trips to Haiti, click here to learn more, or call our Central Office at 502-491-7000.