Summer 2018 JC Session 5 Update

  20 Churches |  774 Campers

$9,172.88 for Haiti Missions Offering

As Pastor Tom Richter was closing up his sermon on night four when a severe thunderstorm came through Jonathan Creek and cut off the power to all of camp, which should have brought the worship service to a screeching halt. Instead, the worship continued and was even intensified, proving once and for all that we are all indeed Wired for Worship. Read the whole story below:

Tom Richter

Tom Richter grew up right here in Murray, Kentucky. Not only does he have a long history with Crossings, but he has a long history with the property of Jonathan Creek. Tom was a camper here when it was an RA camp long before it belonged to Crossings. Shortly after the property turned into Crossings Camps, Tom began preaching camp in 2002. “For me, coming back to Jonathan Creek is like coming back home.”

Tom began his preaching career at a church plant New Hope Church in New York City. He served in New York City for 14 years before moving back to the small town life in Cullman, Alabama. Tom is now the pastor of Cullman Baptist Church in Alabama, and he spends most of his time with his children Katie, Carson, and Anna and his wife Jackie.

Tom’s energy on stage is contagious and his colorful illustrations make the message of the Gospel clear and relatable for all the campers here at Crossings.

Quote of the Week

Sermon Highlight


Watch as a church prays it out after having an impromptu motel party the night the power went off: