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2022 Camp Navigator: Issue 05

Camp is just 3 weeks away! Can you believe it? A gospel-infused, bible-saturated, high-energy, life-changing experience is just around the corner.

Here are some essential reminders to make sure you’re ready and have checked all the boxes. Be sure to visit before arriving to camp.

Download Our App! 

This summer, you can utilize our app to access everything needed for your time spent at camp. The app includes digital versions of the bible study books and connect material, maps, dining hall menus, POI locations, and much more. You can search your app store or use the links below. We strongly encourage downloading our new app prior to arriving at camp! 

Child Protection Policy Video

Upon arrival, all groups will view this video that welcomes them to camp as well as explains our child protection policy. We want you to see this video before your group does. (

2 Weeks Before Camp: Final payments due & Guest Relations phone call

  • We will call you to confirm:
    • All Participants have completed accounts.
    • Certificate of Liability is submitted.
    • Background Check Form is submitted.
    • Arrival time.
  • We will need you to provide:
    • Final Counts – number of males, females.
    • Add/Drops – we can handle when we call you!

3 Days Before Camp: Housing Assignments

  • We do our best to send housing assignments 3 days before you arrive. If you have not received it, do not worry! We can handle it at registration when you arrive.

Experience Camp Page
At Camp: Parents can email their campers, Livestream worship, see pics, videos, etc.

After Camp: You can view and download group pics, photos, daily highlight videos, and camp pastor sermons


2022 Camp Navigator: Issue 04

Lead Program, SERVE, and Senior Night

Crossings is making some changes to several of the opportunities available to high school seniors at camp this summer. We are revamping our Lead Program, Senior Night, as well as our Test-Drive program (which will now be called SERVE). Below you will find information on all three.

Lead Progam
Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to select the Lead Program as a POI once they arrive at camp. This POI will take place on days 2 and 3. These students will participate in teaching times, service projects, staff meetings, zip lines, and will also receive a cool Lead Program t-shirt. 

Do you have students who just graduated high school and have an interest in working for Crossings in 2023? SERVE allows high school graduates to work sessions of camp alongside our Summer Missionary Staff. Students interested in SERVE will need to have graduated from high school and provide a pastoral recommendation. 

Senior Night
Students who have just graduated high school are invited to join our staff for Senior Night on Night 4 after Shack. They will have the opportunity to learn what it is like to be a staffer, enjoy a sweet treat, and spend some time asking questions!

2022 Camp Fellowships Information

Dancing through the Decades (Student Camp): This summer, come prepared to leave it all on the dance floor. As a church, dress from head to toe as your favorite decade (1950s-2000s). Campers will enjoy various dance competitions through “Just Dance 2022.” Which decade will be crowned the greatest of all time? It is up to you! So represent your decade well at this summer’s fellowship, Dancing through the Decades!

I Need a Hero! (Kids Camp): This summer, we need a hero! We’re holding out for a hero until fellowship night. They gotta dance, they gotta dress up, and they gotta get crazy hype! Dress up as any superhero, real or made up! Campers will enjoy various dance competitions through “Just Dance 2022” and enjoy a fantastic night! Which hero will be declared the greatest? There is only one way to find out; so be ready to compete at this summer’s fellowship, I Need a Hero!  

Participant Accounts Are Live!

You can access your link and code from your group leader dashboard by using the link below. Don’t forget about everything we have to offer on our camp prep page. Here is what you will find there:

  • Group Leader Survival Guides
  • Participant Account Instructions and Videos
  • Parent Guides
  • General Schedules, Packing Lists, and More

We are still working hard on the Connect Material. We know many of you are ready to dive in deep with it. These materials will be made available soon.