Making the Most of Summer: A Children’s Ministry Summer Resource

9413923537_a6da73b0b4_kOften times in summer we can get so busy with our “free time” that we miss great opportunities to hang out with the kids in our ministries. We spend time planning large summer trips and events, but we forget about the ordinary, everyday opportunities that the Lord provides.

For me, summer is a great time for investing in the lives of the students even in the midst of our everyday activities. You can take a small group of kids to do something ordinary, such as going to a park or to get ice cream. Chapter six in Deuteronomy challenges parents to walk down the road with their children and teach them as they go. I believe that, as Children’s Ministers, we can do the same thing as we walk and talk with kids in the everyday.

Another fun summer idea would be to start a club of some random sport. You could meet with a group of girls and jump rope; anything to spend time with your students and keep them active during the summer. I found 18 ideas for summer games and actives at

Summer is a perfect time to interact with those students who you may not encounter very often. In the midst of our busy summer schedules, it is important to find time to spend time with the  kids in our ministry before they get back into their crazy school schedules.