Haiti Mission Trips

2020 Dates and Rates

Deposit: $125 Per Person

Total Cost: $750 + Airfare

Minimum of 10 to book a trip. Call (502) 491-7000 for more options.

June 13-20

June 20-26


“So I was asked the other day what the most outrageous thing I’d ever done was… Without hesitation I replied going to Haiti. I’m the kind of girl that likes to camp at the Holiday inn, the kind of gal who loves hot showers, the kind of girl that hates to fly. But when I was introduced to the country of Haiti and it’s people through Crossings at camp, my heart melted and I knew the lord was prompting me to go. I went and my life was forever changed. The beauty, the despair, the difference, the people, the children… wow how God opened my eyes to His people and His world outside of my little Kentucky home. Within hours, those “comforts” I thought I needed were not even a concern and as I opened myself to what God wanted to show me I was able to experience God’s plan and sharing the Gospel in a whole new way. I don’t know if I will ever return to Haiti- I hope I get that chance, but I do know that I will serve again in a foreign land. I want to always be open to allowing God to introduce me to the great big world He’s created and the people who need to know Him that live in it.”

– Missy Harris, Hickory Grove Baptist Church

“I will never forget my week in Haiti with Crossings on Mission. One of my favorite things about the experience was getting to serve alongside my son Cameron. Together, we loved learning more about the culture of Haiti. And we absolutely loved connecting with the full-time missionaries that stay at Baptist Haiti Mission year-round. A big highlight was getting to lead a 2-day Bible club for the kids at one of the local churches. The kids laughed with (or at) me as I butchered their language during my station where I got to teach them some English words. Cameron and I also got to meet the child that we ended up sponsoring for two years. You always feel like God blessed you and teaches you more than you give to someone else when you are on a short-term mission. God taught me more than ever before to not see myself as entering the mission field to help people because I was better off than they were. God taught me that I may even be worse off than the people I had come to serve. I come serving as someone just as desperately in need of God’s power and hope. God taught me humility that week, and I will never forget it!”

– Bill Clark, Senior Pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermanthe, Haiti needs your help. They have faithfully proclaimed the Gospel, taught the Bible, educated children, trained pastors, and served their community for decades. A week in Haiti with your youth group, your church, or even your leadership team will give you perspective on what God is doing among the nations while providing much needed encouragement and practical assistance to Baptist Haiti Mission. You can learn about the country, build relationships, tour Baptist Haiti Mission, build a passion for missions in your group, and help Baptist Haiti Mission staff camp at Camp Le Phare in Montrouis, Haiti. Your group will have the incredible opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to children on the beautiful shores of the Canal de Saint-Marc.


When: 7-days round trip (Spring or early Summer)

Cost: $750 per person + airfare

Who: Anyone 15 years or older

Deposit: $125 per person when you register