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We want to give Generation Z a safe space to find answers. This is because students today question whether the Bible’s claims to truth are trustworthy. As a result, they are not sure if our God can be trusted.  37% of this generation believe it is not possible to know for sure if God is real and 35% label themselves as an atheist, agnostic, or non-religious person. For this reason, our goal is to engage and equip students with biblical truth that can stand up to their questions. As we do that, we want to introduce them to the present and loving God.

Navigating Hard Questions
About God

3 Main Sessions + Small Groups
3 Discussion-Based Breakouts
Competitive Games
Winter Derby


January 17
5:00 pm

January 18
5:00 pm


January 24
5:00 pm

January 25
5:00 pm

Heartsong Red Square

Worship by

From Cedarville University
Dan Dewitt Square

Teaching by Dan Dewitt

Cedarville Professor of Apologetics

Main Sessions

Who is God?

How do I know God cares?

How do I walk with God?

Breakout Sessions

1 – Commune with God

Church Group Exercise
in Psalm 23
We lead your group in a focused time of reading, response, and communing with the Lord through Psalm 23.

2 – Answering Hard Questions

Middle School:
Why should I trust the Bible?
High School:
How do I handle my doubts and fears?

3 – Choose
Your Own

How Does God Shape…
-my future profession and school?
-my ability to make a difference?
-my use of conversations and connections?

Derby Fellowship

We won’t forget the fun!

Rec Games

Competition Guaranteed!

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