On Your Mark! Celebrating 15 years of the Boat Race

boat race connection pic (3)Over the past 15 summers at Crossings we have seen many changes as we grow and develop. However, as many of us know, there is one thing that has remained through the years; a time-honored tradition that is highly anticipated each summer – the Boat Race!

That’s right! A favorite at Crossings, the Boat Race is looked forwarded to every year. For many groups, the preparation for the Boat Race begins long before arrival at camp. Hours of innovative thought – and yards of duck tape – all go into building a prime racing vessel. For others, the construction actually takes place at camp, where they can feed off of the atmosphere and excitement of the competition.

No matter when and how your boat is made, every boat will have its chance to shine. On the last full-day of camp, as the sun begins to set over the lake, this is the moment when the racers, and their boats, will make their grand entrance as they proudly march toward the starting line.

In the end, there can only be one first-place winner. However, others will not go away empty-handed. Not only is the winner honored with the chance to sign the coveted Golden Paddle, but others will also be recognized for their creative skills — and even their sinking skills.

So, as you pack and prepare for camp, don’t forget to be making race day plans and as you do, keep in mind a few details regarding the race:

  • Each watercraft should hold only one student and must float.
  • No electronic or gasoline powered motors are allowed. One paddle per group will be provided!
  • The watercraft must be paddle-powered (no flippers or swimming)