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Engaging and Equipping Generation Z

NAMB Transparent
There are two heartbeats for Crossings On Mission. The primary pulse is our hands-on ministry opportunities with North American Mission Board church planters. Your goal is to bless and help your assigned church planter in any and every way possible. Our hope is that you will begin praying for them before camp, eagerly serve them and encourage them while at camp, and consider active ways to partner with them after camp. They have fruitful work planned for your students that will allow your students to engage Chicago and Cincinnati with the Gospel and will greatly benefit these planters.
Our second pulse is for Generation Z. Generation Z are those born between 1999 and 2015. Generally speaking, they are your students in your youth group. We have been learning more and more about Generation Z as an organization and are doing everything we can to switch our tactics in order to reach them. One of the joys of serving Generation Z is that they want to discuss their faith and have a safe place to ask hard questions. For this reason, we are dedicating our morning Bible Study time to considering the challenges of church planting and introducing some basic apologetics to address their most commonly answered questions.
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Our NAMB Church Planter Partners


Advent Church  — Dennis Conner is planting Advent Church in the South Loop. Dennis has planted churches and served as a catalyst for the North American Mission Board. Those who work with Dennis will participate in community events and engagement, street evangelism, and children’s ministry in south loop parks.
Sow Community Church — Bryan Coble is the pastor of the newly planted Sow Community Church in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago. Groups working with Bryan will participate in street evangelism and surveying, cleaning and building relationships at the Independence Park Community Center, and perhaps some light construction projects.
Elmwood Park Bible Cburch — Work with Pastor Sean to reach the community of Elmwood Park. Elmwood Park is a predominantly Polish neighborhood. Those who work with Elmwood Park will help with painting and clean-up projects, ministry in the parks with children, street evangelism, and surveys of the neighborhood.
Urban Voice Community Church — Work with Mark Chan in the Bridgeport Community through community surveys, building improvement projects, and loving on children through their after-school outreach program.
Starting Point community Church — Work with Pastor Jonathan de la O to reach second- and third-generation Hispanics in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood of northwest Chicago. Those working with Jonathan will focus on community surveys, street evangelism, and perhaps a community outreach event in the park the last night of camp.


Grace Point Fellowship — Reagan Wagoner and his wife Heather work in the Springboro suburb of Cincinnati. Grace Point has just recently purchased a warehouse formerly owned by Grainger and is in the process of renovating that building so it can become a space for Grace! Teams working with Reagan will help with summer VBS programs, building work projects, and spend the afternoon engaging in community service.
Revive City Church — Pastor Kirk Kirkland is an engaging preacher looking to serve the multiethnic and multigenerational downtown area of Cincinnati. Revive City works across two campuses and two services to reach the city. Churches partnering with Revive City will help provide tennis, soccer, and football camps to inner-city children in an effort to reach them and their families with the gospel.
The Oaks Church — The Oaks Church is pastored by Terry Lee Kirkland and focuses on a poverty-stricken area of Cincinnati. There are ample opportunities to provide a safe and meaningful place for young kids to play and have community in the Oaks’ neighborhood. Join Terry Lee and his Executive Pastor Jimmy Funchess to engage students all week long at a local community center through games, crafts, sports, and recreation.
The Valley Church — Chuck Smith is the Pastor at the Valley Church in the Norwood suburb of northeastern Cincinnati. He prides himself in his many talents, such as fantasy football, binge-watching Netflix,a and making a mean root beer float. Those working with Pastor Chuck will engage in street evangelism, community canvassing, and community ice cream shop buy-outs (buy ice cream for everyone in there!).

Chicago Schedule

Arrival Day

1-5 pm • Registration
6 pm • Dinner
7 pm • Opening Celebration & Worship
8:15 pm • Mission Site Prep
9:30 pm • Free Time

Site Work Day

7:30 am • Breakfast
8:10 am • Wake Up Celebration
8:30 am • Apologetics Training
10:45 am • Depart for Mission Site
5:30 pm • Return from Mission Site
7:00 pm • Worship
8:15 pm • Church Debrief
9:00 pm • Free-time (Fellowship on Day 3)

Departure Day

7:30 am • Breakfast
9:00 am • All Groups Depart

2019 Dates

Dan Dewitt

Summer 2019
Trinity Christian College
June 17-21, 2019

4-Nights | Monday-Friday
Starting at $340 per person

2020 Dates

Dan Dewitt

Summer 2020 Session 1

Xavier University
June 14-18, 2019

4-Nights | Sunday-Thursday
$350 per person 

Trey Brunson

Summer 2020 Session 2

Trinity Int’l Univ.
July 14-18, 2020

4-Nights | Tuesday-Saturday
$350 per person


Can I participate in tracks with the group I am attending with?

Yes, all participants will participate in mission tracks with the group they are attending with.

How many chaperones can I bring?

Groups must have one chaperone for every five students.

Is there a refund policy?

All funds are non-refundable and non-transferable after February 28, 2018.

What are the transportation requirements?

We require every group to provide transportation to Trinity Christian University and to provide daily transportation to and from mission sites for their group and at least one staffer for every twelve students. Any gas, tolls, or other incidental churches connected to their transportation are covered by the group.

Is food and lodging included?

Yes, food and lodging is included in the amount you pay to attend.

Can I register as an individual?

No, we do not allow individuals. We require chaperones in order to ensure that our camp experiences remain connected to the local church and its discipleship function.