Participant Account

For Group Leaders Only

Step By Step: How to Manage Your Participant Accounts

Step 1: Go to and click account.
Step 2: Log into your account.
Step 2.5: Click View Itineraries.
Step 3: Click Manage Roster.

Instructions for Sending Your Participants a Public Link

Step 1: When your roster is set to public you can send every participant in your group one link that will allow them to log in and fill out all their information. It will make things much easier for you and our guest relations team if you have your roster set to public. 
Step 2: Simply copy the link and post it wherever you’d like. This will allow anyone with that link to add themselves to your group.
Step 3: You’ve done it and you will be back to your roster.

For Parents: How to Create Your Student’s Participant Account

Step 1: Locate Link sent via Email, FaceBook, etc. from your group leader to create your students participant account. Click Circuitree link.
Step 2: Confirm your church’s registration information and click “Continue”
Step 3: When asked, “Who are you registering?” select “My Child”
Step 4: If your child attended camp with us Summer 2018 you will already have an existing account and you will need to simply sign in. If your child did not attend camp with us in Summer 2018 you will need to create a new account.
Step 5: Once you have signed in to your existing account you can skip ahead to step 7. If you are creating a new account fill out your information as the parent to create your family account.
Step 6: Click “Create”
Step 7: Fill out your child’s information, which includes medical information and POI selection.
Step 8: Once you reach the “Registration Details” page you have finished.
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