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When you think of camp, what do you see? Hear? Smell? You may see kayaks, zip-lines, and Bible study. You may hear loud music and never-ending cheers. You may smell green grass, fresh water, and even a little sweat. Do you know what we see, hear, and smell? We see students and summer missionaries. We hear thousands of intentional Gospel conversations. We smell the aroma of Christ Jesus (2 Cor 2:15).

Camp is not primarily zip-lines and recreation lakes. Camp is 115 missionaries sent to 14,500 campers for 75 days with 1 Gospel. We call our college staff “missionaries” because their jobs are not Lifeguard, Janitor, Cook, Actor, or Zip-line Operator. Our missionaries have one job—Proclaimer. Their primary responsibility is to listen to, befriend, serve, pursue, and proclaim the Gospel to students. This is the front line, the cause, the mission.

Because our missionaries are so essential, we are spending over $500,000 to build a new staff lodge for them at our Jonathan Creek Camp. We will break ground this December in order to provide them with 5,500 square feet of dedicated space filled with quiet and restful beds, rejuvenating common areas and restrooms, and restoring private spaces and views. This investment should provide a comfortable experience for our staff for years to come. We must go beyond temporary bunk trailers to a dedicated and private lodge that meets their day-to-day needs.

Have you heard the adage, “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you”? If staff are our heartbeat, we have to make sure their hearts keep beating for Jesus. We need staff who wake up rested, rejuvenated, restored, and ready to take the Gospel to the next generation. For them, every day must be the first day and every conversation must be a focused, articulate, biblical proclamation of the Gospel. If they can’t rest well, they can’t serve well.

As we celebrate the rest that Jesus has brought all of us this Christmas season, will you consider giving $5,000, $50, or even $5 to give rest to our missionaries?


For the Gospel and the next generation,

Lance Howerton,

President, Crossings Ministries

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God’s Generosity
Crossings ministries exists because of the generosity of God.  We believe that God’s sending Jesus to live, die, and resurrect in our place so that we could be reconciled to His loving heart is such good news that as an organization we exist to proclaim this message!
Your Generosity
The beauty of the kingdom is that God has designed us to need one another and to work together to accomplish the mission of advancing the gospel to the ends of the earth.  In order to do what we are called to do we rely on the generosity of men and women just like you.
More Resources, More Opportunities
In 2016 we had almost 14,000 students that came through Crossings Camps.  Out of that God saved 895 students and called 716 into full-time Christian service.  Out of that group they also responded not just by following God but by giving nearly $150,000 to missions work through our partnerships in Haiti and Cuba.  As amazing as that is, we were nearly at capacity and yet, we feel God’s call to reach more.  If we had more cabins we could host more students who might trust God for their salvation or step out in obedience to serve and lead.  If we had the funding we could scholarship students who currently cannot afford to go to camp to come and participate in this life-giving camp experience.  If we had the opportunity we believe that we could not only resource more local churches in their discipleship of the next generation but we could also develop kingdom leaders to engage this next generation with the hope of the gospel.
How You Can Partner With Us
Would you consider giving to Crossings Ministries today?  Your gift will help us proclaim the gospel, see God transform lives, grow leaders, and partner with local churches to the glory of Christ.
More Information
For more information about Crossings and specific ways you can give please contact Trey Brunson. | 502-491-7000

This contribution is made with the understanding that Crossings Ministries has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. If Crossings Ministries cannot honor your preference, your gift will be used where most needed. All gifts are in US dollars and receipts are valid for US tax deductions only.

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