Praying for Summer: Join Us in Prayer for Our 2014 Summer Staff!

staff connection (2)When asked what someone’s favorite part of Crossings is, you will likely hear countless different answers. Some will mention the zip lines, others the worship and some the Boat Race. Yet, more than any other answer, the one most people talk about is our Summer Staff.

For many people, Crossings’ Summer Staff is what makes their week at camp one they will never forget. Our Summer Staff is made up of college-aged men and women who have a desire to give of their summers to intentionally invest in your students for the glory of the God. Summer Staff spend each day serving in various roles all around camp. From the waterfront, to the kitchen, to Morning Celebration and The Shack, our Summer Staff is the backbone to the Crossings experience.

With less than a week until our 2014 Summer Staff begin to arrive at camp, we want to take a moment and ask that you be in prayer for these young servants as they prepare their hearts and minds for the summer ahead.

We have asked the staff to tell us a few specific ways we could be praying for them. We have listed out a few of their requests and hope you will join us as we pray for them!

  • Pray for all the excitement, anticipation and worry. Pray that I might receive a calming peace. – Luke A. Wilkins
  • Pray that The Lord prepares our heart and provides the energy to proclaim the Gospel with boldness! – Steven Huffine
  • Pray for us to die to self, to be Christ’s hands and feet and to take every opportunity to share the Gospel with whoever God puts in our path. – Ashley Roberts
  • Pray for us all to have confidence, peace and excitement in the role of camp we have each been given. –Catherine Ellis
  • Pray that we realize our enemy will be doing whatever it takes to stop us from proclaiming the Gospel, but that we can overcome him in Christ. – Cortni Briana Cruse
  • Pray that we may not work to receive praise for ourselves, but that we work for the glory of God and the proclamation of the Gospel! – Ethan Archer
  • Pray that we rely on the perfect Word of God instead of our own thoughts and opinions when answering simple and tough questions. – Nick Elias
  • Pray that we would be intentional with the little bit of down time we do have to rest in the Lord and in His perfect peace and strength, so that we can be full and will not give and serve out of our reserves this summer. – Kristen Miller
  • Pray that we will lead, love and serve well while remembering that everything we do is for the Gospel and can only be done with God working in and through us. – Tarver Reeder
  • Pray that we place equal importance in developing a closer and stronger relationship with our Lord while also allowing Him to use us as vessels to share the Gospel with students! – Evan Harris
  • Pray that I am willing to let Him have all of me and to use me to the fullest this summer for His kingdom and glory. Also, pray that I have attitude of humility and servanthood. – Olivia Murphy
  • Pray that we will be successful in communicating the Gospel and the love of Christ and remembering that it is not we who are speaking but rather the Holy Spirit speaking through us. – David McCoy