Shaping a Christian Worldview at Home (by the Book)

Life is full a crossroads. Critical decisions come at pace that often finds us unprepared. How do you make the hard decisions or even the urgent decisions that face you? No one makes a decision to intentionally hurt ourselves or those we care about. But we all make decisions based on a set of values. None of us make decisions in a worldview vacuum.

If our values influence our decisions, what do our teenage sons and daughter value? Relationships? Media? Acceptance? Approval? Faith? Gadgets? Freedom? Money? Popularity? Teenagers will make decisions based on whether or not they will have more Facebook friends?

To see what teenagers value, just take a look at what you value. Our children will establish a pattern of decision making will look like that of their parents. Everyday, Christian parents make decisions based on social status, financial benefit, and leadership positions. Can you see the pattern? All too often we make decisions based on what will be the best for US! Our teenagers are doing the same thing?

If it is our desire to shape a Christian worldview in the lives of our, then our life decisions must be based on one thing only–the truth of God’s Word. Jesus asked the question,  “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and don’t do the things I say?” (Luke 6:46, HCSB). “Being a Christian means being a person who labors to establish his beliefs, his dreams, his choices, his very view of the world on the truth of who Jesus is and what he has accomplished” (Josh Harris, Dug Down Deep). The preeminent value for all decision-making in the Christian life is the Word of Truth

With that in mind, here’s Rule #2 for Shaping a Christian Worldview in Your Teenager. Let your children see you looking for answers in God’s Word? That includes decisions to change jobs, make major purchases, vacationing, or choosing a school for your children, managing your finances, serving at your church, and wrestling with physical trials. Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path (Psalm 119:105, HCSB).

Parents should design a standard practice for decision-making that can be transferred to their teenagers. When you are faced with a life decision…

  1. Begin with prayer and ask God for His wisdom.
  2. Then study to find biblical principles to guide your decision.
  3. Make the decision that follows the truth of God’s Word.

Remember, shaping a Christian worldview at home is neither easy nor fast. It requires intentional steps and a lifelong commitment. But the rewards are eternal.