Summer 2018 CM Session 4 Update

22 Churches | 673 Campers

$5,767.74 for Haiti Missions Offering

This week on the staff’s last night of cleaning, a church came with all of their students and offered to help clean. That servant attitude from them was not only a huge blessing to us, but an incredible encouragement as we continue the summer. It’s moments like that where we remember the power of having a servant’s heart towards others.

Jon Nix

Jonathan Creek did a video interview with Jon the week before he came here. Jon is a pastor that many churches sign up for specifically and for good reason. He is a faithful servant who tests all that he preaches through Scripture. I overheard someone tell him how great one of his sermons was and he said, “Thanks, took it straight from the Bible. Straight plagiarism.” That’s a powerful example to have as a pastor who is speaking to students.

I had the opportunity to talk to him about other topics that came up in conversation, but an on-the-record interview will take place when he comes back for two more sessions in a couple of weeks.


Quote of the Week

“The standard for holiness is not set by the creature it’s set by the Creator.”

Sermon Highlight