Summer 2018 CM Session 1 Update

29 Churches | 565 Campers

36 Salvations | 47 Calls to Ministry

$5, 760.40 for Haiti Missions Offering

This week’s story is about the importance of Checkpoint. A time set aside for church’s to meet together and discuss their weeks, as well as grow closer in their relationships with one another.

“Every day at Crossings we get started with Morning Celebration, a time of high-level excitement where the tone is set for the rest of the day. Every day we have POI’s where students take part in activities such as ziplining, climbing, and our new escape rooms. However, even with all these exciting activities, there’s one time that often has the biggest impact: Checkpoint.”


Meet Kevin Hall

Obviously preaching at camp is very different then preaching on a Sunday morning, so what is your approach to choosing what you’re going to talk about and thinking about the audience which you’re talking to?

“It’s interesting because the audience is different. Obviously there’s a lot of them. Then this week you’ve got what? Five, six hundred students? So my biggest concern, especially with a crowd this big is connecting with them. But also in the camp environment, the thing about choosing a theme is that the theme is already picked, so that’s great. And Wired for Worship is one that’s near and dear to my heart so we’re going through the Psalms and that’s how I’ve picked the evenings, going and picking another Psalm and even going through the book of Habakkuk which has a psalm inside of it. But I think the best thing is there’s more stories that I try to tell just to paint pictures to tell what’s going on in Scripture. Because not only are the students tired with long days and short nights, but to keep there attention, I want to make sure that I highlight the Scripture but also that we’re communicating what’s there in the best possible way. And so that’s kind of how I approach it.”

Quote of the Week

“Get to know [God] better, because he’s a God who can be trusted.”

Sermon Highlight

Wired for Relationships



• Funnel cake fries were much more popular than expected, selling out on Night 3 in out 2 minutes. Don’t worry though, we made more.