Summers Are Camp

At Crossings a lot of our year is spent looking toward the next summer. Great emphasis is placed on churches coming to our camps each summer. Crossings is so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to build up the local church through camp each summer. We strive to come alongside churches to build up this generation of students and transform them into the future leaders of the church. With this task comes great responsibility. The responsibility for us is to make sure everything is in place to allow God to work in the lives of all who attend Crossings. This is accomplished by hiring the right staff, the right speakers, and the fun activities we offer. We hope and pray that our efforts help to showcase the work of God. What is it about camp that makes it so special?

Proclaiming the Gospel
From its foundation Crossings has made it a priority to present the Gospel on the first night of camp and reiterate it in every moment following. We want students to know that the Gospel is the most important thing they will hear while at our camps. This is why we ensure that every one of our activities are a point-of-impact. Our staffers lead a discussion that invites students to consider how that activity illustrates or pictures the Gospel. We also ask that every staffer have a one-on-one Gospel conversation with each of their assigned students. All of these things, paired with much prayer, are designed to see students transformed by the Gospel.

Transforming Lives
We long to see God transform the hearts of all those who attend our camps by the renewing of their minds just as Romans 12:2 states. We believe that God’s Word, through the Holy Spirit, is what changes hearts. This is why our schedule is filled with time to interact with God’s Word: morning Bible study, connect, and worship. Through the teaching and preaching of the Word, God changes lives in many ways at camp. For some, this means the Lord is calling them to repent and trust in His son. For others, the Lord uses camp to call them into future ministry. For many more, commitments are made to read the Bible faithfully, invest and serve the local church, and pursue the Lord with more vigor.

Having Fun
Crossings camps stand out because of our property experience. Both of our wonderful properties offer an exciting list of activities that will make summer unforgettable. We offer ziplines, archery tag, laser tag, lake recreation, and so much more. All of these fun activities are just walking distance from your cabin. It is all here for you to have a great time and enjoy God’s good creation!

Forming Lifelong Friendships
Camp offers an opportunity for kids and students to meet new people. Meeting strangers and making friends is a daunting task for many. Yet, many students find that making new friends requires little no effort as the week progresses. While friendships within your group will deepen, many make new friends from all over the country. It is unavoidable—campers do everything together: meals, worship, Bible Study, activities. All of this leads to lifelong relationships that carry on summer to summer and some for a lifetime.

Our prayer is that God will work in the lives of everyone at camp and that they will leave transformed, all while building relationships to encourage and walk with them.