The Shack 2013 Playlist

Check Out the Official Shack 2013 Playlist!

The Shack has been bumpin’ all summer long, thanks in part to these great tracks.  We’ve had tons of requests to post an official playlist, and we’re happy to oblige!

To play these, you’ll need make sure Spotify is installed on your computer. (If you’re not familiar with Spotify, it’s a great way to listen to music legally and for free.)  If you just want to see the song list, we’ve posted it after the jump.

 CROSSINGS 2013 Playlist

  • Make War- Tedashi
  • Power Trip- Lecrae
  • I Know- Lecrae
  • Superstar- Trip Lee
  • Burn this House Down- Tedashii
  • You Know What It Is- Tedashii
  • Strung Out- Lecrae
  • Like That- Lecrae
  • The Invasion- Trip Lee
  • Gimmee Dat!- The Ambassador
  • AM- The Ambassador
  • Pressure- Andy Mineo
  • The Saints- Andy Mineo
  • Cray Button- FF5
  • Favor- Ambassador
  • Wobble- FF5
  • Go Buck- Flame
  • Chainsaw- FF5
  • Ayo!- Andy Mineo
  • Put It Down- Ambassador
  • High- Grits
  • Interlude-
  • Battle Song- Lecrae
  • Zone Out- KB
  • Souled Out- Lecrae
  • Crossover- Lecrae
  • Represent- Lecrae
  • Rebel Intro- Lecrae
  • Go Hard- Lecrae
  • Identity- Lecrae
  • Fall Back- Lecrae
  • Unashamed- Lecrae
  • Got Paper- Lecrae
  • I’m a Saint- Lecrae
  • Riot- Tedashii
  • Boomin’- Toby Mac
  • He Lives- Tedashii
  • Dum Dum- Tedashii
  • No Ordinary Love- Toby Mac
  • ShowStopper- Toby Mac
  • Ignition- Toby Mac
  • Robot- Trip Lee
  • Joyful Noise- Flame
  • Aliens- Lecrae