Why You Should Serve As a Crossings Summer Staffer in 2017

By: Mitch Wiley, Programming Intern

I was at a Crossroads in my life during the summer before my Senior year of high school. What was I going to do with my life? I will never forget dusting a cobweb off my Bible as I packed for a week of camp–a week I was not particularly ready for or excited about. Fast forward a week later and the trajectory of my life had completely changed as God worked wonders in my life while at Crossings’ Jonathan Creek property.  That was in 2010. The upcoming summer of 2017 will be my fifth summer working for Crossings–the first three of which I spent as a summer staffer during my college years.

I can point to various gifts God has given me and ways he has grown me and transformed me throughout the course of my life so far.  No doubt a handful of local churches and pastors have been the primary means of my growth. Yet, Crossings’ impact runs a close second place and has been significant. I can confidently say that it was being a summer staffer in college that brought about the greater transformation and growth in my walk with the Lord.

As a summer staffer, every day is a spiritual battle–a crazy, loud, fun, and dynamic spiritual battle. Your day is spent hanging out with middle and high school students, leading a small group, running team building games and recreational activities like zip-lining and laser tag, lifeguarding, listening to biblical teaching, serving in the dining hall, and cleaning the occasional toilet.

And that’s just one day.

If you work as a summer staffer, you will quickly learn your inadequacy to do this much work on a daily basis. You will be stretched and challenged far outside your comfort zone.  But as many Christian thinkers have pointed out before: growth is achieved outside of our comfort zones. As a summer staffer, I learned to find strength in the Lord and to depend on the Lord to bring life change. I had the opportunity to return last summer and lead in programming. God was drawing back again to the harder route. But, also to a fruitful route where I knew God would grow me, stretch me, and transform me into his image. It is a joy to serve thousands of students every summer—proclaiming the Gospel, teaching the Bible, building relationships, and watching God transform their lives.

Have you considered serving on summer staff at Crossings? Do you know a college student who should serve as a staffer? I can promise you this—staffers work hard, but God always shows up to change them and to use them to change others. You can apply today at www.crossingsstaff.org.