You Are Invited: Retirement Party for Butch and Carolyn Gleason | Sunday October 23 at 6 pm

Anyone who has known Butch and Carolyn Gleason for very long will have heard them recount stories of stepping out in faith and seeing the Lord make extravagant provision for their needs. The Gleasons moved to Louisville to be closer to their family. During that transition, Butch found himself at Cedarmore Camp in Bagdad, Kentucky. Butch began in 2006 by serving full-time in Maintenance. He held this position for over ten years. It became obvious that the Lord had provided as extravagantly for Crossings Ministries as for the Gleasons. While the physical property of Crossings was significantly affected by Butch, his greatest impact is realized in the hearts and lives of all the guests and employees who received the special blessing of interacting with him. His impact has been demonstrated in three significant ways.

Everyday Gospel Application

Butch invariably brings scriptural insights to bear on the mundane tasks of the day as well as illustrating deep theological truths with everyday life. Faithful with his own time in the Word, Scripture has been ready on his tongue and freely applied with those who worked beside him. Butch has the marvelous ability to relate tasks that others would call drudgery to the overall mission of Crossings and God’s call on his life. This intense commitment to God’s Word resulted in a profoundly simple faith in God’s providential care that was an example to others.

A Consistent Excellence, Work Ethic, and Authenticity

Butch demonstrated a commitment to excellence like few others. His determination and drive to deliver the best work challenged those around him to excellence as well. He worked hard. His work ethic was informed by Scripture and he viewed his work and relationship to others as an expression of his faith in Christ. With his life was rooted in Christ, he was expressly Christian in his dealings with all who set foot on Cedarmore. He was equally comfortable with construction workers and ministry leaders, engaging them all about their faith. 

Lasting Legacy

Butch invested his life in the eternal and, as a result, his life is yielding eternal dividends. When Butch began his time with Crossings he initiated a ripple-effect of gospel impact that will reverberate for a long time to come. His life and ministry are marked by a genuine stewardship over what the Lord has given him and thousands are the beneficiaries of that fidelity. While some are called to be pastors and preach from a stage, Butch was called to be in maintenance and has preached with his life. His sermon of gospel faithfulness was preached as he shared the gospel with the truck driver that delivered goods to Cedarmore. His homily of godly wisdom was preached as he shared with a summer staffer how the Lord had ordered his steps through the years. His message of child-like faith was preached as he lived a joy-filled life while battling cancer. Butch’s life is one of the finest sermons ever heard and the invitation is simple. Trust and obey. 

“…I try to please everyone in everything I do, not seeking my own advantage, but that of many, that they may be saved. Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ”(1 Corinthians 10:33-11:1 ESV).
Retirement Party on Sunday October 23

Crossings will be celebrating the Gleason’s time at Cedarmore on Sunday, October 23 at 6:00pm. If Butch and Carolyn have impacted your life, please join us on this evening as we express our gratitude to them. Click  the registration button below to RSVP for the meal provided on that evening. 

Will you send a note?

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to send any notes and well-wishes to [email protected] or 3083 Cedarmore Road Bagdad, KY 40003 before October 29th.

Tribute Written By: Seth York