Your Donations are Critical to Haiti: A Word from Our Field Director

On October 3rd, Category 4 Hurricane Matthew inundated the south of Haiti with storm surges, heavy rains, and powerful winds. That night it passed through the bay and battered the Northwest with the same intensity. During the storm a group of men from BHM were risking their safety by clearing roads of fallen trees and debris so that emergency services could pass through and damaged communities could be accessed.

The Civil Protection Officer of Haiti said that this is the worst storm to hit Haiti in his lifetime and estimates that currently over 14,000 people have been displaced due to the storm. We have received reports from some of our pastors that hundreds of homes have been damaged as well as dozens of churches and schools. Nadene, one of our cooks, had the roof of her house ripped off by gale force winds as her and daughter scrambled to save their possessions from the battering rain.  In a country that seems to be reeling and recovering from disaster, yet again they are overwhelmed and in need of help.

We need you to be in conversation with our Father, who deeply cares for the helpless and destitute. Pray that He would demonstrate his power and compassion through the BHM staff as we begin the process of relief and recovery. Ask Him to use tragedy for His glory, and that His love would overwhelm the people in need. We trust the hands of our loving Father to care for the wounds that are deeper than a disaster recovery project.

We also ask that you would give. The damages caused by Hurricane Matthew in BHM’s network of churches alone are staggering. We need to help these church families to rebuild. We need to help families that have lost their homes and need shelter and food. We need your support!

Your prayers and gifts today can be a part of the ministry of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Join us in praying. Join us in giving. Visit our website at to donate or mail checks to our Kentucky office at 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive, Louisville, KY 40223. If you have questions, please call us at  1.800.359.5174 or email at [email protected]