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Student & Kids Camps

Students: 7th-12th Grade
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Camps Start
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2020 Student Camp Theme


Do you know the man and the God behind the story? Join Crossings in Summer 2020 to experience the beginning, when God brought Moses through the waters so that he could then bring his people through the waters. This is the story of how the staff of Moses went to war with the serpent of Pharaoh. This is the story of the burning bush and the burning mountain, the bloody Nile and the blood-soaked doorpost, the parting Israel through the parted Red Sea, and the passing of God’s glorious face over the ashamed but reclaimed face of Israel.

DAY 1: Moses Contends with I Am — Exodus 3
DAY 2: Moses Contends with Pharaoh — Exodus 12
DAY 3: Moses Contends with the Red Sea — Exodus 14
CREEK DAY: Moses Contends with Israel—Exodus 16-17
DAY 4: Moses Contends with Yahweh — Exodus 32-34

2020 Kids Camp Theme


Are you ready to trek through deserts, pass through towering waters, meet mighty kings, and fight fierce warriors? Strap on your shoes, pick up your walking stick, and join Abraham, Moses, and many others on their legendary journey to the city of God. Don’t forget your field notebook either! On this journey, you will dig out timeless treasures from the richest treasure chest ever found—Gods Word.

MAIN IDEA: You can have faith in God because he is faithful to keep his promises.

DAY 1: It Takes Faith – Hebrews 11:1-3
DAY 2: It Takes Faith for Salvation – Hebrews 11:4-7
DAY 3: It Takes Faith to Obey God – Hebrews 11:8-22
DAY 4: It Takes Faith to Choose Jesus – Hebrews 11:23-40

Kids Camp Scope and Sequence

Mock Day at Camp

Check out the Gospel-infused, Bible-filled, fun-packed, typical day at Crossings!

Mornings = Gospel + Heart Focus

Morning Cel Blue2

Morning Celebration
A high-energy time every morning that includes lots of fun, live sketches, videos, announcements, games, and music. Morning Celebration ensures your kids are awake and ready to study God’s Word.

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Bible Study
We separate middle and high school and give them in-depth exposition of God’s Word from our camp pastor. Each large group includes two small-group breakout times to help your students apply the teaching.

CrossBowl Mock Icon

 Bible study groups compete against each other in physical, mental, indoor and outdoor games. Which group will be the champion?

Afternoons = High-Energy Indoor + Outdoor Activities

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Points of Impact (POIs)
We make every moment intentional. At the end of each event, our staffers spend a few minutes discussing with students how that particular activity illustrates the Gospel.

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Lake Recreation
Our premier properties offer private recreation lakes with lifeguards present at all times. Students have the opportunity to experience water zip-lines, blobs, water slides, and more.

TAWG Blue2

During Connect, we encourage students to have personal quiet time in Bible Study and prayer. Devotional material based on the morning Bible study is provided to each student.

Connect Blue2

This is a designated time for you, the Group Leader, to connect with your students through devotions, discussions, team building activities, or simply hanging out.

Evening = Worship + Bible + Relationships

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Evening Worship
The worship service is the heartbeat of camp. During this evening gathering, we exalt Christ together in song, dig deep into the Word of God, and apply the Gospel to students’ lives. 

Fellowship Icon2

The entire camp participates in these Crossings keynote experiences. These times are highlights of every camp week that foster unity, team-building, and allow for a little camp-wide controlled chaos.

Checkpoint Blue2

We want to strengthen the relationship between students and their church leaders. This is a designated time for you to meet with your group, debrief, worship, and pray together.

Shack Mock Blue2

The Shack
Before lights out, the Shack opens to purchase tasty treats and refreshing beverages. This is a time for you and the staff to continue developing relationships with your students.

The Crossings Distinctives