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An important aspect in the ministry of Crossings is the relationships that students build with the adult leaders from their church. Crossings requests one adult for every five students (gender specific) in order to facilitate discipleship between students and adults that will extend beyond camp. As your students will be looking for guidance from the adults that come with your church, it is important that you bring adults who are at least 21-years-old, maturing Christians, and can be examples to your students and lead them spiritually.

The camp rate will be the same for both students and adults. Your adult leaders will stay in the same accommodations as their students overnight. During POIs and recreation activities, we encourage leaders to hang out with their students. They may even participate in activities after every student has had their chance.

Our facilities do not have accommodations for parents to bring children who are too young or too old to register for that camp session.

There are no laundry facilities available on property. Be sure to bring enough clothes for your entire stay.

At Crossings, we pride ourselves on providing groups with a distraction-free environment. Therefore, cell service is very limited. We do provide Wi-Fi connectivity to adult chaperones only. All this information will be provided upon arrival.

There will not be a camp nurse. We provide basic First Aid supplies and a First Aid Coordinator. More serious injuries can visit the closest hospital for medical help.

If you have a member of your group with food allergies, please make sure this is noted on their 2022 Crossings Medical Release Form. Our staff will do everything we can to accommodate them and keep our kitchen staff aware of the student’s needs. Please advise your student to find a member of the kitchen staff to discuss their options during mealtimes.

This year we will not allow visitors to camp. However, pastoral staff from your church is welcome to pay a visit with permission from the property where you are attending camp.

You may bring your own golf cart, but you will need permission from our Central Office or the property you will be attending camp at.


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