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After concluding our 20th summer of camp, we have hosted 163,171 campers and 8,750 of those campers have crossed over from death to life (John 5:24)! Summer 2020, was destined to be our largest summer ever. God has been tremendously grateful to our ministry. One specific way that we have seen that is through the connections we make and remake as each summer passes. Our tribe of people is the backbone of our ministry. Without friends of our ministry spreading the word about the work God has continuously done on our properties, and outside of our properties, each year we would not be where we are today. Despite all that is happening in today’s world we continue to think towards the future of Crossings Ministry. No matter what the world throws at us, we will continue to live out our mission of creating experiences to proclaim the Gospel. Everything we do is centered around reaching the next generation for Christ.

One way we continue pursuing creating these experiences is by caring for our staff. We are just weeks away from opening our brand new staff house at Jonathan Creek and with your help we will soon open a new staff house at Cedarmore as well. We could not have completed the staff house at Jonathan Creek without generous gifts from donors. The other way that we are pursuing our mission is the remodeling of Cedar Crest on the Cedarmore property. Our plan is to turn it into a state of the art kids specific property. These two endeavors as well as our pursuit of day camps across the entire state leave us in need of your support.

Below you will see a portal for giving. Simply enter in the amount you want to give by clicking on the amount itself and proceed from there. You can give any amount that you have prayerfully considered to our general fund or our serve the staff fund which goes to build and furnish the staff house at Cedarmore. Thank you again for your prayers, your support, and your gifts.

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*Crossings Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 31-1537445