Meet the Staff

Central Office

Lance Howerton

President Email Lance

Rusty Ellison

Assistant to the President Email Rusty

Jason Ellerbrook

Director of Development Email Jason

Dan Talcott

Director of Business Management Email Dan

Brooke Burrows

Director of Programming Email Brooke

Bert Lace

Director of Facilities Email Bert

Adam Tait

Director of Communications & Guest Relations Email Adam

Tina Lichtefeld

Controller Email Tina

Bill Jones

Associate Facilities Manager Email Bill

Colette Hayes

Guest Relations Coordinator Email Colette

Kat Rankin

Guest Relations Coordinator Email Kat

Barrett Sanderson

Program Associate Email Barrett

Kobe Merry

Production Associate Email Kobe

Dana Lewis

Accountant Email Dana


Seth York

Property Director of Cedarmore Email Seth

Myles Parker

Administrative Manager Email Myles

Bob Morrow

Facilities Manager Email Bob

JP McCammon

Hospitality Manager Email JP

Jon Saylor

Food Service Manager Email Jon

Haddon Weaver

Facilities Coordinator Email Haddon

Zach Nelson

Facilities Coordinator Email Zach

Shelby Tivitt

Food Service Associate Email Shelby

Elinor Keck

Property Intern Email Elinor

Laney Meredith

Property Intern Email Laney

Erin Hindman

Property Intern Email Erin

Jack Congleton

Property Intern Email Jack

Luke Mory

Property Intern Email Luke

Audrey Wright

Property Intern Email Audrey

Lauren Watkins

Property Intern Email Lauren

Jonathan Creek

Bryan Ray

Property Director of Jonathan Creek Email Bryan

Trevor Williams

Associate Property Director of Administration Email Trevor

Jesse Benson

Associate Property Director of Hospitality Email Jesse

Caleb Poe

Facilities Manager Email Caleb

Joseph Winchester

Maintenance Coordinator Email Joseph

Kyle Montgomery

Food Service Coordinator Email Kyle

Keilee Webb

Guest Relations Associate Email Keilee

Micah Bice

Program Intern Email Micah

Megan Popplewell

Program Intern Email Megan

Gavin Jones

Hospitality Intern Email Gavin

Matt King

Facilities Intern Email Matt