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You only have three summers in college. Make this one count.

If you’ve attended Crossings as a camper, you know the life change that can happen in one week. 

Since Crossings began in 2000, our mission has remained the same: to proclaim the Gospel. We have witnessed campers cross from death into a new identity in Christ summer after summer for 25 years. This summer, you can join this legacy of Kingdom growth and make a lifelong impact on students.   

Group 2508

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University of Kentucky

Kat Rankin

Working for Crossings has been the single most growing experience in my Christian walk. My summer at Cedarmore was like running a marathon; through it I learned about being truly dependent on the Lord as my source of strength and confidence, and discovered a cup to fill me with love for serving others...I’m so grateful for the cornerstone that Crossings has been in my life!

Murray State University

Aletheia McHardy

At Crossings I learned what it can look like to serve alongside churches for the advancement of the gospel. We learned to work not for ourselves but for God’s purposes in the church and among the nations!

Group 2369

Develop your leadership skills.

Working alongside your teammates will sharpen your leadership skills in communication, conflict management, and fostering healthy team dynamics.

Group 2369-1

Build Your Ministry Resume

If you’re interested in pursuing full-time ministry after graduation, a summer at Crossings offers real-world ministry experience and connections to local churches.

Group 2369-2

Experience missions.

Through our new partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB), Summer Mission Staff will have the opportunity to go on a missions trip in the spring after their summer at camp.


All the perks


Competitive Pay

Get paid a competitive rate on a biweekly basis throughout the summer.


Meals Covered

As Summer Missionary Staff, all of your meals and lodging will be covered.


Educational Scholarships

At the end of the summer, you have the opportunity to apply for an educational scholarship.


Staff-Only Lodging

Work with students during the day but enjoy your own separate lodging at night with your peers.


Networking Opportunities

Make lifelong friendships and connect with local churches and ministry leaders.


Camp Fun

Enjoy the best of camp alongside your students, from the lake to bazooka ball to fun at the Shack.

More Real Talk...

University of Kentucky

Josh Donahue

Besides being the most exciting job I've ever worked, a summer at Crossings is a well of opportunity that offers what no job can: every moment is spent glorifying the Lord. In my two summers, I've never received so much satisfaction and joy. Being a part of the mission at Crossings is more than a job, it's an honor.

Murray State University

Bradley King

The question we need to ask is how can I serve the Lord this summer? ...working at camp is an incredible way to serve the Lord and His creation. You are given an opportunity to proclaim the gospel to hundreds of students while working with your brothers and sister in Christ. 

Group 2500

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be compensated. Our pay period is on a bi-weekly basis.

Crossings Ministries provides housing for your entire summer (from training forward) and food will be provided while programming is taking place.

Yes, we ask that all Summer Missionaries are Lifegaurd/CPR/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross or YMCA. There are some specialty roles that do not require Lifeguard certification. (Contact [email protected]).

Summer Missionary Staffer, Photographer, Videographer, Admin, Waterfront Director, and First Aid Coordinator.

Every SMS will have the opportunity to serve in our kitchen. Some of our SMS will have the opportunity to serve on our maintenance team. SMS will clean every room that our guests stay in after every camp session.

All Summer Missionary Staff will be expected to commit to a full summer of work.


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