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Since the summer of 2001, God has used Crossings Ministries to impact tens of thousands of students, kids, and adults. We believe camp is a unique and powerful tool for Gospel proclamation as it provides the unique opportunity to slow down from the pace of our hectic lives and draw near to God in a distraction-free environment. Creating this experience takes a lot of people doing a lot of work, which is why we need you! We are looking for kingdom-minded volunteers who are looking to serve others and partner with Crossings to proclaim the Gospel.

Volunteering at Crossings makes a direct impact and alleviates the pressure and workload on our ministry team. There are opportunities to serve in Food Service, Housekeeping, as well as Grounds and Facilities. This allows our summer missionaries more time to have Gospel conversations, build relationships and get some much-deserved rest.

We want to be good stewards of the people and resources that God has entrusted to us. To that end, our aim is to ensure that our volunteers do meaningful work that they are trained and equipped to do with excellence. Would you consider joining with us this summer as we look to expand God’s Kingdom? Sign up now and secure your spot to volunteer!

What is

Serve Team?

Serve Team is the volunteer program of Crossings Ministries. The primary goal of Serve Team is to support Crossings staff and serve guests so that the Gospel can be shared in a welcoming and safe environment.



  • Have an authentic, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to serve others with a spirit of hospitality.
  • Commitment to not expressing views in direct opposition to Crossings Statement of Faith.
  • Must be flexible, teachable, and hardworking.
  • Must be self-motivated and mature.
  • Must be at least a freshman in high school.
  • Must be willing to follow campus rules and guidelines to ensure safety and an excellent guest experience.
  • Must be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to work long, busy days.


  • Food Service
  • Facilities, Maintenance, & Grounds
  • Housekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

We have serving opportunities for any qualified individual from high school freshmen to senior adults.

We will have blocks of availability nearly every day of the summer. You can sign up for as many as you’d like!

We ask that while your church is here you give them your full attention OR select a time when they are not on property.

Follow the link to apply now. Once your application is complete, we will contact you about scheduling an interview.

Fill out an application. Interview with a Crossings staff member. If selected to serve, you will have a brief orientation and training at a Crossings Sign up for a time to serve!

We have opportunities for qualified individuals in Food Service, Hospitality, and facilities, Maintenace, and Grounds.

Special skills are helpful but not needed.

We are looking for folks with integrity, a strong work ethic, the ability to get along with others, and a great attitude.

We aren’t able to host volunteer groups in the summer. However, if bringing a volunteer group at another time of the year is something you are interested in, please contact JP McCammon at [email protected].

Limited housing is provided for specific service opportunities. Reach out to JP McCammon at [email protected].