Location Details

Nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s Outer Bluegrass region, Cedarmore rests on 600 acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands that showcase the glory of God’s creation to all who visit. Cedarmore exudes real Kentucky beauty that can be seen as guests enjoy the surrounding forests, daily see wildlife, and get serenaded by the sounds of a crackling campfire under glorious starry night skies.

Ready and able to accommodate groups of any size, Cedarmore’s amenities and natural beauty stand ready to serve the needs of your group. Our wide range of activities and varied choices in accommodations are sure to fit the needs of any group’s size and budget, whether your group is booking just for the day or for multiple days and nights. Cedarmore is conveniently located in proximity to Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati.

Conference & Meeting Spaces

To  customize your group’s experience at Cedarmore, three main conference and meeting spaces are available to meet the needs of your group. Each space is equipped with modern updates, audio/visual equipment, and can be customized for use in accordance with Cedarmore guest policy.

Cedarmore also features the spacious, newly renovated Wiggie-Fields Thompson Dining Hall to meet the food service needs of your group.


Cedarmore’s premier meeting space, Fields Worship Center is the perfect place to host larger conferences, retreats, and events. Equipped with the latest in A/V equipment, including graphic projection mapping for in-room themes, the theater style seating and full stage will meet all of your event needs. Fields Worship Center also features several breakout rooms for smaller group sessions.


This state-of-the-art meeting space is ideal for groups of up to 150. Just a short walk to any part of Cedarmore’s property, Fields Conference Center can divide into three separate 50-person meeting rooms each featuring a 50” plasma screen, or be used as a single large space. The conference center can also be utilized as six divided breakout rooms if needed.


Byrdwell Conference Center is the perfect location for small to medium sized groups hosting events at Cedarmore. With a capacity for up to 200, the updated theater style staging, rear-projection screens, and top-notch sound and lighting setups can accommodate the preferences of any group. This location also features seven breakout rooms available for our guest’s use.


Located in Boone Lodge, Ebenezer Hall is the perfect place to relax and fellowship in a warm, classic coffee house style setting. Featuring Wi-Fi, leather sofas and high-top tables and chairs, Crossings Café can serve as a leader gathering room, a prime location for an upscale event, or serve as a venue for a movie night or acoustic music evening.


Located in Boone Lodge, the Fireside Room is a great place to fellowship in a relaxing environment with the warmth of a stone fireplace. The widescreen television with surround sound and DVD player make for excellent movie nights.

Dining Sevices

Cedarmore also features the spacious, newly renovated Wiggie-Fields Thompson Dining Hall to meet the food service needs of your group.


Cedarmore features a recently renovated and upgraded dining facility. Capable of servicing several hundred guests per meal, our dining hall is a buffet style all-you-can-eat dining experience featuring chef-inspired cuisine, a full salad bar, and self-serve beverage stations.

Housing & Accommodations

The beauty of Cedarmore’s natural surroundings is complemented by its variety of options for housing and accommodating the needs of any group. Below you will find descriptions of seven different housing options that are perfectly suited to host groups of any size.


Central to the Cedarmore property, this lodge is one of our “motel-style” lodgings. Each floor contains 4 or 6 bunks and a private bathroom. Each floor of the lodge also features a common room with couches, tables, and chairs as well as a kitchenette. The back deck of the lodge overlooks some of the property’s most beautiful surroundings and is a great place to gather, fellowship and take in the peaceful scenery.


Cedarview is located near the top of the property and features two large bunk rooms separated by a shared central common room. Each bunk room features a shared bathroom with collegiate style shower and bathroom stalls. The central common room also features a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave that can service light food items.


Boone lodge serves as another one of our “motel-style” lodging options at Cedarmore. Each room contains bunk beds, a private bathroom, and customizable heating and cooling controls. Boone Lodge contains two common areas: Crossings Café and the Fireside Room, both of which are available to rent for your group.


Fields Cabin offers extraordinary views from its front deck perch atop the highest point of Cedarmore’s property. A rustic log-cabin feel awaits our guests as they stay in two separate bunk rooms featuring 10 beds per side, with each side sharing a large collegiate style stalled shower and bathroom facility. The common area features couches, tables and chairs, and a kitchenette for our guests use.


These cabins, named Spruce, Pine, and Cedar, are located up the hill from Williams-Wallace lodge in the central part of Cedarmore’s property. Each cabin sleeps 32 people and is often recommended for single-church getaways. Each cabin features two main bunk rooms and a shared bathroom, as well as a front porch equipped with lounge chairs aimed to take in the real Kentucky beauty that surrounds Cedarmore.


Gleason Lodge is tucked away off our main road, providing our guests with privacy and a great atmosphere. This single-group lodge has 9 rooms surrounding a center common area with a kitchenette. This lodge is designed around unity. Whether you are in the common area or out on the porch, Gleason offers a great opportunity for your group to fellowship and grow closer together. Each room sleeps 8 and has a private bathroom.

Recreation & Activities

An attractive draw of Cedarmore is the variety of recreation and activities available to our guests. From zip lines to bazooka ball, and from our sports fields to the private recreation lake, every group has the ability to customize their recreation experience from the ground up. Choose from our list of offerings and add any number of our activities to maximize your group’s enjoyment of their camp getaway experience.


Our recreation lake is the center of activity at Cedarmore. Featuring inflatable trampolines and climbing walls, tube slides, a zip line and a blob, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The lakefront pavilion also provides shaded tables.


Crossings Camps offer some of the best Zip Lines in all of Kentucky! Zip through the tree tops as you fly up to 30 miles per hour 40 feet above the ground as our staff sees you safely to the end of the line. A thrilling experience you are sure to remember!


Bazooka Ball is a run-and-shoot-em game for all ages! Two teams begin on opposite ends of a field covered in barriers and obstacles and try to capture the other team’s flag all while avoiding being shot by dense foam balls launched from air cannons.


Our aerial ropes course at Cedarmore, Tango Tower, is a climbing challenge that is safe for all ages. Fixed with a special belay system, Tango Tower provides hours of entertainment and exercise all while climbers take in the beautiful views of the Cedarmore property and it’s surroundings.


There will be no shortage of sports activities for our guests at Cedarmore. Soccer, Smashball, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Volleyball, Basketball and more are offered in our excellent fields and courts.


For those looking for a gentler pace, Cedarmore’s fishing area allows guests to take in the serene surroundings as they reel in their daily catch or paddle the lake from shore to shore.


These two games are signature fun found at Crossings Camps. Human Foosball is just like it’s tabletop counterpart game, but played with humans, and Gaga Ball is a supercharged dodgeball type game played in an octagon shaped arena.


Dangerous viruses and broken communications will test your wits and critical thinking skills as you team competes to develop a plan to escape. Your team of 4-8 player swill race against the clock to put together the clues and get out. These rooms are built to illustrate beautiful gospel messages while unifying your team in a challenging way you are sure to remember.


It’s a hit! The original combat archery sport. make a team of up to 5 people and challenge your friends with non-lethal, foam-tipped arrows. Score points by shooting an opponent, hitting their targets, or catching their arrows mid-air. This is a great idea for teaching teamwork, strategy, and just having a blast!


Let our trained staff facilitate your team building session! With games such as Minefield, Helium Stick, Magic Shoes, Atom Transfer, and Tape Jousting. Your group will be challenged and stretched as they learn critical truths through fun and games.


Address with Google Maps Link

Turn-by-Turn Directions

  1. Take I-64 to exit #43, Waddy/Peytona, KY Hwy 395.
  2. Turn north on Hwy 395 (towards Peytona and away from Waddy).
  3. Follow 6.9 miles to Hwy 1005.
  4. Turn right onto Hwy 1005.
  5. After 1.4 miles Hwy 1005 turns into Hwy 12. Do not turn at this intersection.
  6. Follow Hwy 12 another 2.2 miles to Jacksonville.
  7. In Jacksonville, turn left onto Hwy 1922 (Cedarmore Road).
  8. Follow 1 mile and turn right at the Cedarmore sign (still Hwy 1922).
  9. Follow 2.1 miles and turn left onto Cedarmore property.

Turn-by-Turn Directions from Cincinnati

We are a 60-75 minute drive from Cincinnati.

  1. Follow I-71 south to exit #34, KY Hwy 421.
  2. Turn south on Hwy 421 (towards New Castle).
  3. Stay on Hwy 421 (watch signs) and follow 20.5 miles to Defoe.
  4. In Defoe, turn right onto Hwy 1922.
  5. Follow 3 miles and turn right onto Cedarmore property.

Check - In / Check - Out

Group Check-In – Each guest group should have a designated Group Leader to facilitate check-in at the property. The Group Leader will be given a radio to contact on-call staff, all room keys, a site map, emergency contact info, local areas of interest/attraction, and a list of damage costs.

Decorations may be used in conference spaces or lodging areas as approved by Crossings Staff.

Check-Out – A member of Crossings Staff will do a walk through of guest lodging prior to check-out. Guests will be responsible for all damages to camp facilities taking place during their stay (See Damage Costs).

Guests may be asked to check-in and check-out at certain times based on the schedule of the property.


Computer/Internet – Wi-Fi is accessible on the properties in public areas. Guests should bring their own computers.

Phone Service – Guest rooms are not equipped with telephone lines, and pay phones are not available. Cell phone service is available in some areas on the property.

Linens – Guest groups may select linens to be provided for an additional charge. Arrangements should be made prior to guest arrival. Linens include pillows, sheets, blankets, bath linens and soap.


Meals – Guest groups are required to take at least two (2) meals in Crossings’ dining facility for the first night they are staying and one meal for any additional nights. Facilities are not designed for groups to prepare their own meals. Dining halls should not be used as meeting space for groups.

Food Storage – Due to health code regulations, Crossings will be unable to store any food for guest groups.

Grilling – Guest groups may use outdoor grills after approval by Crossings Staff. Grills must be gas only and positioned no less than 30 feet away from any building. Groups planning to grill should still take two meals in Crossings’ dining facility per each night’s stay.

Snacks – Crossings may provide snack breaks (additional fee required) to guest groups no later than 10:00 pm. Guest groups providing their own snacks should also bring paper products and serving utensils.

Extras – Coffee carafes may be provided to guest groups during their visit. Arrangements should be made prior to guest arrival (additional fee required). Ice bags will be sold on the property for $1.00 per bag.


Campfires – Crossings may provide campfire usage in designated areas during guest visits (additional fee required). Crossings staff will set up and light the fire. *Please Note: in cases of a state-issued “Burn Ban,” Crossings will be unable to provide this service.

Lake Activities – Guest groups may choose to participate in various lake activities facilitated by Crossings Staff. Lake activities may ONLY be used under supervision of Crossings Staff. Arrangements should be made prior to guest arrival (additional fee required). Life vests MUST be worn on the dock at ALL times. Note: Due to the nature of lake activities, female guests should wear shorts over modest one-piece bathing suits while participating.

Team Building Elements – Guest groups may choose to participate in the team building events facilitated by Crossings Staff. Team building elements may ONLY be used under supervision of Crossings Staff. Arrangements should be made prior to guest arrival (additional fee required).

General Respect

It is the responsibility of each guest group to respect both people and property while visiting Crossings’ facilities.

More than one guest group may be on the property at a time. Please limit excessive noise after 11:00 pm to show consideration for others.

Guest groups are allowed to drive vehicles on the property. Please use appropriate parking areas and drive carefully to ensure the safety of all guests.

Guest groups should also be respectful of other guest groups in their dress. Please avoid extremely revealing clothing, or clothing with profanity, distasteful designs, or inappropriate messages.

Forms & FAQs

All students and adults that are attending camp must complete an online Crossings Medical Release Form. In order to complete the Medical Release Form, they simply need to visit our website, www.gocrossings.org, and click on the Participant Account link and then create a Participant Account. Once registered for the event, the participant can fill out and sign the Medical Release Form online.

Certificate of Liability

Each rental group must submit a Certificate of Liability from their insurance provider naming Crossings Ministries as the Certificate Holder. This form is required before groups arrive on the camp property. *Please Note: Crossings only needs to be listed as a Certificate Holder and NOT as Additional Insured.

What are your rates based on?

Our rates are based on the number of nights, number of meals, type of lodging, number of guests per room, and the use of linens.

What activities are available?

We have many high-energy activities that are sure to make for a fun weekend retreat. Some of our staff-run activities include Bazooka Ball, Zip Lines, Climbing Tower, Team Building, Archery Tag, and Escape Rooms. In addition, we have recreation fields and volleyball and basketball courts available for use at no charge.

Where is the nearest Hospital or Urgent Care facility?


Turn right off the campus property.  Follow Hwy 1922 to Jacksonville.  Turn right onto Hwy 12 to Bagdad. In Bagdad, turn right to stay on Hwy 12.  Keep straight onto Hwy 43.  At the stoplight, turn left onto Hwy 43/55.  At 1st stoplight turn right onto US 60.  Follow US 60 through downtown Shelbyville.  The road will become one-way and then one-way roads will merge together again at a stoplight, be looking on left immediately for Hospital Drive (next to First Baptist Shelbyville).  You will see Jewish Hospital/Emergency sign.  You should be able to drive from campus to the hospital in 25 minutes. For Maxcare continue following US-60, it will be on the left.

How much does a meeting space cost?

We provide one complementary meeting space for every group that comes onto the property. We do not guarantee a specific meeting space, but will guarantee a space that best serves your group based on size and technical needs.