Child Protection Policy

God has called all believers to protect the innocent. We also want to ensure a distraction-free environment for Gospel proclamation and discipleship to take place.

For this reason, we require anyone 18 years of age and older to complete a background check before they come to camp. Gated entrances, security personnel, our group-based model, and our high staff-to-student ratios ensure that our camps are as safe of an environment as we can provide.

At Crossings we strive to provide a distraction free environment. We do this by following the 3-R’s: Recognize, Resist, Report.

We want you to know how to RECOGNIZE inappropriate behavior and boundaries.

Six Boundaries include:

  • Practice Modesty
  • No Secluded Conversations
  • Use Appropriate Touch
  • Use Appropriate Talk
  • No Bullying
  • Your Space is Your Territory

We RESIST any inappropriate behavior.

We REPORT inappropriate behavior if it does occur.