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Missions Offering

2018 Baptist Haiti Mission:


Baptist Haiti Mission is our strategic missions partner and has been doing faithful Gospel ministry in Haiti for over 70 years. BHM supports 350 churches and schools, trains pastors, provides medical care, sponsors children, and provides summer camps at VBS at its Camp Le Phare location on the Caribbean Ocean. All students are encouraged to bring $20 to support BHM in its work of taking the Gospel to students in Haiti at Camp Le Phare.

2017 One Life Project:


61 million kids are left behind in Southeast Asia while their parents seek work in larger cities. These children are left with family members or neighbors and must fend for themselves. To minister to these kids, One Life is starting One Center, a project focused on developing community centers where those left behind can find love, help, and support.

Lifetime Missions Giving:


The central aspect of our mission statement heralds the fact that we exist to proclaim the Gospel. We want this truth to saturate every moment of your students’ time at camp. For this reason, we continue to raise money to support missionaries and missions organizations around the world. We hope to continue to support for years to come.

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