Summer 2018 JC Session 1 Update

9 Churches | 165 Campers

8 Calls to ministry | 5 Salvations

$2,362.89 for Haiti Missions Offering

This year has been a very tough year for many of the students in Marshall County Kentucky. In the midst of such a tough year, Jesus has not failed to shine through. Tori Campbell is a student from Calvary Baptist Church who lost her sister in a car accident last Christmas Eve. Instead of running from God, she and her family decided to use the life of Aly Campbell to glorify God. Five people were saved at Aly’s funeral and in lieu of flowers, they asked for donations to send their youth group to camp this summer. Watch the video below:



Meet Emmanuel Apeh

Emmanuel was born 20 years ago in Sabo Kaduna, Nigeria to a Christian family who grew him up in the love of the Lord, and by God’s grace he was saved. He attended a very healthy church which showed him how to pursue God with his entire life and what fellowship with Him really looked like. Emmanuel came to America in January 2016 to go to Murray State and hopes to be a pediatric nurse one day.

Emmanuel heard about Crossings at the Baptist Campus Ministry at Murray State and Trevor Williams, our Food Service Director, encouraged Emmanuel to be a summer staffer and after lots of prayer, Emmanuel applied and is now an integral part of the summer staff.

“This summer has been a fantastic experience so far and I have grown so much in the Lord. I have come to love God better in spite of temptations and seen how much my hope is in the Lord even through the difficulty of not seeing my parents for the last two years.” Although it must be hard to be away from home for such a long time, I believe I speak for the entire staff when I say that I could not imagine camp here without him. The joy that he has in the Lord constantly radiates from his smile and convicts me when I do not appreciate the awesomeness of the opportunity I have been given. Students and staff alike are encouraged by Emmanuel’s satisfaction in the things of the Lord and see him as an example of what it means to truly rejoice in the Lord.

Meet Landon Dowden

Landon is not new to the phenomena of camp ministry. For 23 years, there has not been a summer in which Landon has not been involved in camp ministry. Starting at 19, Landon worked a summer at Associational Camp, and for the next 7 summers, he worked full time at Fuge camps. Now, as a full time lead pastor, Landon spends at least three weeks a summer preaching the Gospel in summer camps around the country.

“The intentional separation from the distractions of everyday life, the time spent together in the Word, the time spent with your faith family in a way that is special, and the removing of the distractions and responsibilities of life for a week, this is why camp ministry is so special to me.” As a lead pastor, coming to camp not only means sacrificing his free time to come minister to students but also sacrificing time with those he is responsible for shepherding. When asked why he would give up time at his home church, he said “The Psalmist says that one generation will tell the next the things of the Lord” and I feel a personal responsibility to be a part of that. Also, the opportunity to preach with such specific application to students is an amazing opportunity, rather than preaching to both eight and eighty-year-olds.

A longtime camp minister, Landon effectively communicated the Word to our students throughout our first week of camp and set us off on the right path in honoring the Lord this summer.

Quote of the Week

“A mind captivated by Christ produces a body dedicated to his purposes.”

Sermon Highlight

Wired for Remembering


•  Gage Smock, who was hit in the face by a bullet in the Marshall County shootings attended camp this week with One Church and had an incredible attitude throughout the week. He commented on how much camp had impacted his life and even came to Christ on the last day of camp.