2021 Camp Schedule Change

We are very excited to have you at camp this summer! We wanted to reach out to you before the first session of camp with some exciting news. Based on the announcement made by the Governor of Kentucky to release COVID-19 restrictions, we plan to follow suit and go back to our normal camp schedule. Below are the details of what that means for your group as well as some frequently asked questions. You can find an updated schedule here.

  • Your group will no longer be required to stay in tribes while at camp. 
  • Because we will have reduced capacities in the worship center and dining hall, we will have one Morning Cel and worship service each day.
  • Students will be able to choose their POIs once again when they arrive at camp. When they arrive at camp they will select their top 6 choices and will participate in 3. 
  • At this time the kids camp schedule will NOT be going back to normal and will still operate with tribes to social distance.
  • Masks will still be required for those unvaccinated until June 11th when the mask mandate ends in Kentucky.
  • If a group would be more comfortable staying separate, wearing masks, or having your own Bible study group; we are more than willing to provide alternatives to meet those needs.
  • All groups will still be required to complete the pre-camp screening checklist prior to arriving at camp.


What if we have someone who forgets their Pre-Camp Screening Checklist? If someone forgets their Pre-Camp Screening Checklist, we will provide a digital version for a parent to fill out remotely.

Before June 11th, can we remove our masks while sitting or singing in the worship center? Before June 11th we are asking all unvaccinated participants to wear masks indoors unless eating, drinking, or sleeping in their room.

What happens if someone does get sick with COVID symptoms? If a participant shows clear COVID related symptoms we will request that participant be tested by the first aid coordinator, with authorization from a parent received electronically. If the test comes back positive that participant will need to go home immediately, and Crossings along with the group leader will contact trace to determine if anyone else needs to go home.

When will a more accurate schedule be posted? You should have received an updated schedule via email. There is also a version on the camp prep page on the website as well as the back of all bible study booklets and Crossings App.

Our kids were excited to try every POI. What if they don’t get a POI that they really wanted? If a participant does not receive a POI that they were excited about participating in, you can request that participant to have the opportunity to participate when you arrive at camp and we will do everything in our power to make that a possibility.

Why is kids camp not changing? At this point, kids coming to camp will not have the opportunity to be vaccinated and after speaking to children’s ministry leaders we feel that we do not need to change the schedule back to normal.

Can we have visitors now? We will not be allowing any non-essential visitors on any of our properties. This excludes emergency situations.

Can group leaders leave property? Can students leave property and then return? We would ask that If anyone needs to leave property it would be for a necessary reason. If anyone needs to leave property, we will request that you socially distance when you can and wear a mask when you can to prevent the spread of the virus from someone outside of camp.

My group already completed their participant registrations. Do they need to edit these registrations for POIs? If your participant registration is complete, you are all set for camp. POIs will be selected by hand when you arrive to camp.

Will Bible Study go back to normal? Bible study will be dispersed by High School and Middle School boys and girls.

If someone gets sick, does the whole group have to leave camp? We will be contact tracing and if we feel that a sick participant was in close contact with others for 15 mins or more, we could determine that others will need to leave camp.

Will there be a fellowship night now? Our properties are currently working on plans for a fellowship, your group should not need to prepare for it prior to camp.

We look forward to seeing you at camp and we are excited to see what God does!