Philosophy of Ministry: Ephesians 4:11-14

By Scott Ardavanis The DNA of my early years of ministry was Ephesians 4:11–16. It became part of me. The goals for turning men into ministers • To promote a biblical theology of equipping the saints for the glory of God. • To encourage others to have an equipping ministry in their local church. • [...]

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Keys to Successful Short-Term Missions Trips

By Rodney A. Is your youth ministry needing a pick-me-up? Are you looking for a way to get students excited about the Lord? You might think, “Maybe a short-term missions trip is the answer! A little time in a third world country is just what these apathetic students need to get fired up about pursuing [...]

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End the Year Well: Give, Reflect, Plan

  The week between Christmas and New Year’s is an amazing gift from God for reflection. It’s a week when you are coming off the excitement of Christmas and as you prepare for what lies ahead in 2017. As you wrap up 2016, I want to encourage you to think through a few things. Give [...]

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Advent Readings and Meditations (Part 3): Loss

Christmas is portrayed as a bright season with its lights, ornaments, and packaging. The reality for many of us though is that it’s one of the darkest times of the year. Christmas forces us to reflect on the past, and typically that is shining a bright light on an empty seat at the table like [...]

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Finding Truth

“We’re not in Kansas any more,” Dorothy opined in the movie The Wizard of Oz. She didn’t know she had landed in a new world, but she was quite certain about one thing: she wasn’t at home anymore. A lot of young people experience a similar feeling when leaving for college. One day they’re eating their mom’s home [...]

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Evangelicals for Life: An Opportunity to Save Millions of Lives

More Than a Political Issue A commitment to life and to its sanctity is much more than a political issue. It is an issue that affects children, mothers, fathers, families, and generations. The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was handed down 43 years ago, and its results are now a cross-generational catastrophe. Since then, children [...]

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Your Donations are Critical to Haiti: A Word from Our Field Director

On October 3rd, Category 4 Hurricane Matthew inundated the south of Haiti with storm surges, heavy rains, and powerful winds. That night it passed through the bay and battered the Northwest with the same intensity. During the storm a group of men from BHM were risking their safety by clearing roads of fallen trees and [...]

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You Are Invited: Retirement Party for Butch and Carolyn Gleason | Sunday October 23 at 6 pm

Anyone who has known Butch and Carolyn Gleason for very long will have heard them recount stories of stepping out in faith and seeing the Lord make extravagant provision for their needs. The Gleasons moved to Louisville to be closer to their family. During that transition, Butch found himself at Cedarmore Camp in Bagdad, Kentucky. Butch [...]

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Join us October 3-5 at ACBC Conference in Indianapolis, IN

We are going to the ACBC National Conference! Join us! Monday, October 3-Wednesday, October 5 40th Anniversary The ACBC National Conference this year is a don't miss event. In the first place, they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Their founder, Jay Adams, created the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) to complement Christian Counseling and Education [...]

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