Camp Navigator: Issue 01

March 26
$75 Deposits Due 
Don’t forget to add/drop participant numbers by March 26! Remember that you are responsible to pay a $75 non-refundable deposit for every participant by March 26.

How Do I Add Numbers?
How do I add numbers? Give us a call and we can assess for you how many spots are available and add them for you. View our registration policy for specific scenarios for add/drop.

How Do I Drop Numbers?
Email us at [email protected] or call us at 502-491-7000. Please note that call volume may be high closer to March 26. We will respond as quickly as we can!

Pay Now

Download Registration and Payment Policy

Schedule Meeting for April
Are your students, parents, and chaperones nervous about getting ready for camp? Calendar a camp meeting for April. On our camp prep page, we have provided promotional material for student and kids camp.  On March 15, we will provide survival guides for group leaders and parents as well as other useful materials.

New Health and Safety Videos We have provided new health and safety videos for both you, the group leader, as well as parents. We would love for you to share the parent video with your parents to give them more confidence about camp this summer! 

Group Leader Health and Safety Video

Parent Health and Safety Video

Important DatesMarch 15 — We release all camp information.
March 26 —$75 per person deposits are due.
April 1 — Participant accounts go live.
April — Schedule a parent meeting about camp. We will provide you with Powerpoint/Keynote presentations this year (will upload on March 15).
2 Weeks Before Your Camp Session — Final numbers and payment due.