Starting At $250 All-inclusive pricing
For Grades 6-12
Locations Oneida Bible Institute - Oneida, KY
Who We Work With

Partnering to Advance the Gospel

Crossings on Mission works with churches to support the gospel work happening in their communities and to bless these partners with fruitful labor. During this four-night camp, mission site work occurs in the afternoons for three days and may include street evangelism, backyard Bible clubs for kids, community events, painting, yard work, and other light construction. We guarantee that your students will have the opportunity to both share and show the love of Christ.

Engaging Gen Z to Own & Share Their Faith

Generation Z is eager to make a difference in the world and wants a safe place to ask questions. It’s no longer enough to tell your students that the Bible is the inherent truth and to believe what it says. We want to help students understand the gospel, so they can own the gospel, and so they can confidently share the gospel.

For this reason, we dedicate intentional time each morning to basic apologetics training to address the questions that your students wrestle with the most. Your students will learn to share the gospel in a compelling and clear way and to defend their faith as they share the good news of Christ.

Glorifying God Together

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel throughout the day — not just to the community we’re serving, but to your students, as well. That’s why we bring our rock-solid curriculum and worship pastor to Crossings on Mission.

Grow closer as a youth group as you bring glory to God together through corporate worship, intimate Bible study time, and community service projects.

Advancing the Gospel at Home

Sharing the gospel shouldn’t end once your students leave camp. We want to see God start a movement in your community, starting with your students! Our hope is that this experience would equip and engage them to boldly share and show the love of Christ with their friends and in their schools and communities.

Food & Lodging

All-Inclusive Camp Experience

Crossings on Mission houses youth groups and their leaders in dormitories at small, Christian universities. Enjoy breakfast and dinner together at the campus dining hall. Sack lunches are provided for you to take to your mission site each day.

Camp Schedule

A Day in the Life of a Camper




Actual meal times will vary as they are split into three 15-minute segments according to your group’s camp color. Camp colors are assigned at arrival.


Morning Celebration


Bible Study Time

We separate middle and high school and give them in-depth exposition of God’s Word from our camp pastor followed by a staffer-led breakout time of discussion and application.



Depart for Site


Lunch on Site


Site Work



Return from Site




Actual meal times will vary as they are split into three 30-minute segments according to your group’s camp color. Camp colors are assigned at arrival.




Church Debrief

Church-Specific Time


Free Time

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Summer 2023

Pastors, Dates, and Rates Coming Soon

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Imagine the impact your students can make on another community and their own with the gospel of Christ! Equip your students to understand, own, and share their faith while making memories and experiencing hands-on missions and evangelism. Camps fill up quickly. Book your trip and help your students engage with the gospel like never before!

Mission Camp FAQs

Can I participate in tracks with the group I am attending with?

Yes, all participants will participate in mission tracks with the group they are attending with.

How many chaperones can I bring?

Groups must have one chaperone for every five students.

Is there a refund policy?

All funds are non-refundable and non-transferable after February 28.

What are the transportation requirements?

We require every group to provide transportation to Eastern Kentucky and to provide daily transportation to and from mission sites for their group and at least one staffer for every twelve students. Any gas, tolls, or other incidental churches connected to their transportation are covered by the group.

Is food and lodging included?

Yes, food and lodging is included in the amount you pay to attend.

Can I register as an individual?

No, we do not allow individuals. We require chaperones in order to ensure that our camp experiences remain connected to the local church and its discipleship function.