Finishing Strong: Five Ways to Join Us in Prayer for Camp!

Most of us have heard the old adage to “finish strong.” It usually serves as a reminder, and source of encouragement, to complete the task in the same way you began. We all know it can be easy to grow tired and worn down from the work you have done to get to the end, but as any racer can tell you, the last mile is just as important as the first.

With only a few weeks remaining until summer ends, this is our desire. We want to finish this summer with the same passion, energy and joy with which we began. However, we realize we cannot do this on our own. In the same way that we have relied on the prayers of others to make Crossings 2014 the incredible summer it has been, we continue to plea with you to come alongside us in prayer as we strive to see this summer “finish strong.”

Check out our list of five ways you can join us in prayer during these final few weeks of summer!

1) Many would hear and receive the Gospel message.
Ask that during these final weeks, the Gospel would continue to be our motivation and passion. Pray that our Camp Pastor and Staff would continue to be faithful to preach the Gospel truth at every turn, and that many more would hear the truth and be forever changed.
2) The health and strength of the Staff.
Pray for our Summer Staff as they continue to push beyond themselves to be witnesses of the Gospel to others. Ask for renewed strength and energy. Also, pray for continued health for the Staff, that nothing would hinder them from making the most of their final weeks.
3) Boldness and faithfulness for Camp Pastors.
Lift up our Camp Pastors as they strive to boldly preach the Gospel. Ask that their message would be clear as they faithfully teach the Gospel truth. Pray also that they would have a renewed passion each day for the message they preach, and that many would receive it with joy.
4) A passion and burden for missions.
Ask that, during these final weeks, many would receive a new passion and burden for missions. Pray that we would continue to see faithfulness in giving through our Beyond Effect Offering. Also, that through this offering, we would not only see fruit in the lives of those in Haiti, but that we would see a fanned flame in the hearts of many for the mission of the Gospel to the nations.
5) Continued growth in relationships post-camp.
Pray for our full-time staff as we strive to continually invest in relationships with Group Leaders and churches throughout the year. We desire to not only pour into the lives of our groups for one week during the summer, but to want to walk alongside them all year as they continue to disciple and minister to their students and faithful pray for them. Also, pray for the leaders and churches as they disciple their students who saw life-change during camp.