The Goal: Turning Evangelism into Discipleship

Each year thousands of students come from various parts of the country to attend the gospel-centered experience that Crossings offers. However, Crossings is not just about ministering to the students. Crossings also seeks to minister and partner with the churches of the students attend. A perfect example of that partnership is Mosaic Church, a church [...]

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Wired Without Power

A modern worship service requires thousands of dollars of equipment to run smoothly. Lighting, speakers, sound systems, in-ear monitors, projectors, fog machines, and countless other electronic devices are considered essential to provide an atmosphere for followers of Christ to worship him. Last night, due to the work of a severe thunderstorm, all of those things [...]

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Martha and Todd

Martha Jackson was a teacher for 39 years. During that time she also took care of her husband Bobby, who was disabled by arthritis and fibromyalgia. Day in and day out, with great faithfulness, Martha cared for her husband with the tender heart of a servant. Todd Bailey was a salesman before he got into [...]

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