Minivan Moments: A Family Podcast

The Minivan Moments Family Podcast was designed with both parents and teenagers in mind. When we surveyed the current state of families, there was one thing we kept noticing and that was the family was no longer communicating the way that it had in the past. Parents and their children have become content in being “around” one another but not really engaging with one another. With chaotic schedules, families are busier than ever and the result is families that are disengaged and at the same time wondering, “how did we get here?” However, we felt there was a time and place that families are together regularly that could begin to refresh the communication amongst families. That place… THE CAR! That’s right, families are in the car more than they are around the dinner table, so we have designed this podcast to meet families where they are and to help them redeem that time in their cars with.

How is this podcast different than others? Well, we have good news! This podcast will be a weekly podcast that will be NO MORE than 10 MINUTES! That’s right, 10 minutes or less is our guarantee. We know you’re busy and we feel that we can say everything we need to say in that short window of time and it’s also short enough that you can listen to an entire episode in one trip in the car. So every week we are going to tackle engaging cultural and biblical topics to promote conversation. How are we going to do that, by ending every episode with a QUESTION. That’s the best part about this podcast. We want to provide helpful information on a variety of topics that are related to both parents and teenagers but then we make sure to allow time for you to discuss as a family. We pray that you would use this podcast as a regular part of your routine and begin to redeem that time in the car so that you cannot just survive as a family, but rather begin to THRIVE!