Not Just a Place

Sunday marks the end of camp for the Summer of 2018.

There is typically two reactions from the staff at this point, there is the “I am never going to see any of you ever again and I already miss this place” reaction. Usually this comes from the people who cry during Titanic before the boat even sinks *spoiler alert*. On the other side though, there is the “I am really tired and I am ready to get some rest” people. These are the ones who view the two months of camp as the perfect amount of time to spend a summer in one place. Whatever the reaction is, each is fueled by a common attachment to this incredible camp.

My question though is: what is so special about this place?

I would love to tell you my expert opinion on the matter. But instead I am going to answer the question with the responses of Crossings’ various Instagram followers, who are answering a similar question: Do you have a story about how has Crossings impacted you?

“As a staffer or a student? Because BOTH”

“After her week at Crossings, my daughter came home with a calling to full-time ministry!”

“The Lord saved me and solidified who I was in Him through your staff. Also, I met my husband at Cedarmore!”

“Going from a student to a staffer taught me what Christian leadership really meant.”

“Been bringing groups for years now – the impact on young lives has been amazing!”

“It helped me realize that God is great and it really changed my life.”

“Crossings taught me to love God. Love people. And be a servant!”

“Me and my best friend both felt a full time call to ministry.”

“Crossings made me realize how great God is and I was saved! I can’t wait for next year.”

“Crossings helped me reaffirm my call to full time ministry!”

“It showed me God sees and cares about me. And he has a purpose for everything that happens.”

“Crossings made me truly realize to spend everyday worshiping God like it’s my last.”

“Crossings helped me realize that I was trusting a sport instead of God.”

“It got me so much closer to God and I made so many new inspiring friends.”

“I learned my purpose this year at Crossings! Thankful for a great God and such a great place.”

“Crossings made me realize how important it is to be in the world but not of the world.”

“Crossings helped me remove the toxic things in my life. The staff helped me understand my worth.”

“Made my friendship with my youth group an unbreakable bond.”

“Crossings is a place where I can detox from the outside world and just be with God.”

“Crossings has taught me not to be scared to share my faith with people.”

“It’s where I got my passion for camp ministry. I later worked full time at a camp for 3 years.”

“Crossings is where I actually decided to take my relationship with Christ seriously.”

“Crossings showed me that it doesn’t matter who you are to bring glory to God!”

“It was the first place I sang in public, at the talent show. I’ve been involved with worship ever since.”

So to try and sum it up, the things that happen here change people. However it is not the buildings, or the zip lines, or the lake sports that change people. The Holy Spirit changes people. God uses Crossings as a place away from all of the distractions, an opportunity to focus on him. It is clear to see that students and adults alike feel the effects of that reality.

The staff understands all of these responses, because we are blessed with the opportunity to watch all of this life change happen at its origin. So whether the staffer is a crier, or just totally worn out, those life changes are what makes this place special. Those responses are not one-way examples, on the other side of each of those is a staffer who is filled with joy and thankfulness that God allowed them to be apart of his incredible work.